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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've Started Looking At Vans.

We went looking at vans on Monday.  Drove to Perth as we were told of a place that sold camper vans but they only had big and expensive, to us, motor homes.  So what's the difference between a CV and a MH?  To me a CV is a small van while the MH are big and flash and cost more money than I have.  CV's probably wouldnt have a toilet or shower and aren't as fancy.

We also looked at vans that we could *convert* ourselves.  Mainly we would build a base for a bed and storage. Maybe a sink...I have too many ideas and need to be more realistic.

Vans that fit my budget are old and have heaps of km's on them so I need to find out what is too old and how many k's is too many.

I spoke to my mechanic this morning and he suggested 2 makes that were reliable and 1 that he wouldn't bother with so I probably won't get a Nissan.  One make that he said were good was the same as a van we looked at on the way home yesterday.  It was a 7seater, automatic, power steering, duel fuel...but old with lots of k's...but enough room if we took out the back seats...and it fits my budget...
If it is still there next week I will take it for a test drive.

This same place had a manuel van going *as traded* real cheap and I did really like that and took it for a test drive but because I have *health issues* I really do need an automatic.

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