Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's In The Bag. Or Is it?

We had a work do to go to on Saturday just gone but Hubby's car was in Perth and as he had the work truck here we needed to take some camping gear so we could sleep in the back of the Cruiser when we got up there.
We needed to take the swag and some stuff so we could have coffee and breakfast the next day.
So all I needed to get was a stove and coffee making stuff.  Easy.
I found a bag, put in mugs and coffee, tea, sugar. milk...A bottle of water, thought that I'd get everything I might need in this bag so added plates, cutlery, cloths, a spare can of butane,  toiletry bag...Something for lunch...
Everything I would need for that weekend and anytime afterwards.
Took the swag, this bag and a small stove with us.   Get up early Sunday morning to make a coffee and...I have nothing to heat the water in!!  No kettle, no pot, no billy or tin can even...Nothing!  So much for being super organised with my little camping bag.

So we had no coffee, no breakfast and no way to make a coffee later on while we were exploring...HoHum.
There is now a small pot in the bag.