Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It Glows..

Got the van back this morning.  She's had a service, shockies replaced and...new glowplug.  So the trouble with it starting wasn't the battery at all.   Oh well, son told me that's what it was and he was right.  I could have saved myself some dollars if I had of taken notice.  It fires up straight away now, as it should and ran really well this morning when I went to fuel up.  
Hmmm, that was a bit of a shock.  I don't think I have ever filled it up at a garage and payed for it myself.  Don't think I like it.   Ruddy great 4wheel drives, caravans, more big cars...The unleaded bowsers are never that busy.  Luckily the phone rang and I pulled in to answer that and by the time I finished talking plus 10min waiting there was only one car at the bowser I needed so I pulled in behind to wait my turn.  While filling up a friendly chap got out of a bigger newer van than mine...I tried not to be envious as I pulled away from his big clean van...Stuck ol' Deano in to croon to me and soon felt better about it all.

Will need to remember to grab a few more Cds for the long drive tomorrow...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

OK, I put the new battery in.  It still doesn't start as quick as it should when it is early and cold.  I have booked it in to the garage to be checked over as I have lots of adventuring to do over the next month.

I really should have done this a couple of weeks ago but as usual I left it til too late and now my big adventures will be put off for a couple of days.  I also need to go get diesel from somewhere, that's a bit of a shock.  I usually sweet talk the husband into filling it up.  I need chookfood before I go though so will combine the two.

It's going to be cold! where I will be so might throw another blanket in before I leave.

I will let you all know all about my adventures if when they happen.  In the meantime I am off for the weekend but the main one starts soon.  Stay tuned!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Harvey Dam.

Last Wednesday I had a to go to Harvey and after my appointment there we went up to have a look at Harvey Dam.  It's been quite a few years since I was last here and me and a daughter and her daughter took a picnic and planned to get a bit of exercise in while there.

When we arrived we parked near the playground and went for a wander looking for a place to eat.  Grandaughter found the place she liked so we set up our little station, had some food, then after lunch it was time to explore the area a bit.

Follow the path, pass a lovely grassed area where there is a a barbecue and a table and seats overlooking some water.  Onto a wooden bridge
                                                         and a look at some friendly ducks.

Over the bridge and along the path knowing that somewhere up ahead you would find the steps you came to climb.

 And there they are.  It looks like there is a lot and it looks a long way up.

 There were, it was.  I think there were too scarey for *someone* as they chose to climb up the rocks instead.  Naughty naughty. (but we didn't know that until a long time later when we found a sign saying not to. Oops!)

Once up on the top of the dam wall we could see where we had come from and where we had to get back to.

This is a lovey area for a picnic and a wander around.  If you are nearby I think it's worth the few km drive from Harvey to have a bit of an explore.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Excuses.

I bought a new battery for Wanda yesterday.  She has been a bit sluggish with starting if I don't take take her for a bit of a run every week and on cold mornings...forget it. 
She's a bit like me and needs to move every day to be able to move when I want her to.  So new battery. 
If I was going to be home here I wouldn't of worried about it but as I will be off *on adventures!*  over the next few weeks and it will be cold!! where I am going and a long way from town and no mobile coverage, no phone...I thought this would be a good idea.  And husband paid for it so I wasn't going to think too hard about should I shouldn't I get it.  I got it.  It's heavy though, bit bigger than the one that is in there now and I have trouble lifting that out and back in...
Of course, I came home and tried to start her and she started straight away.  It's marvelous what a sit in the sun will do for us, both cars and people benefit.
I will put the new one in today or tomorrow...or sweet talk the husband and get him to do it for me..will see  And once it's in...no excuses. 

Who's bets on me doing it all by myself?  Who on him?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lane Poole Reserve. Day Trip.

I haven't used the van for quite a while and that is not good.   Other people have used it for adventures more often than I have but not for a week or so and as it needs a decent run more often than it gets just to keep the battery charged I thought that I'd go off on an adventure.  So I did.

I drove up to Lane Poole Reserve with the intention of going for a decent walk while I was up there.
I had called DEC during the week to see if the bottom gate would be open and was pleased to hear that it would be as that would save me a bit of a drive up to the main entry startion and the drive through the reserve to where I wanted to be.   I had told the husband that I would be going to Nanga Mill so figured I better not change location, just in case something went wrong and he needed to find me.
So I drove in, find a nice looking spot and pulled up ready for a coffee.

This gate is closed from Friday afternoon until Sunday so anyone intendng to come up Nanga Road needs to get there before 3 or drive  up to the entry station.

First things first though so on arriving and parking in a nice quiet spot it was coffee time.

This was the view I had while drinking it.  There was more trees and bush if I looked the other way but there were council workers and a truck and tractor over there so I settled for this.

After that a 15 minute walk up to Stringers campside,

                                                                 a longer walk back
                                                  and an hour or so later it was time for lunch.
After lunch I planned on doing the walk that I originally came up here for and that was the Churdich trail to Nanga.  It was only a short trial and I have done it before but once again I couldn't see any markers and I only think I took the right one.  It got me to where I wanted to be so figured I had it right.
I came back via the road as the track was wet and slippery and my foot was starting to hurt, my legs were sore...I'm a sook...I was so glad to get back to the van and be able to make another coffee.

I am trying to get fitter and I think I will come up here more often just to walk through the bush.  It's a lot nicer than walking along a hard road  to the corner and back.

I saw these signs while up there and it looks like you now have to book to use some of the camping areas up here.  I didn't know that but as yet there are no bookings needed for where I was so next time if I decide to stay I can without worrying.   Mind you, this whole area is very popular and it does get very busy during holidays so this might not be a bad idea.   There were 2 vans up at Stringers and that has 6 camping bays and this was during the week so I can see how booking will ensure you get where you want to be.

We will never be staying up there during any holidays though so I can't see having to book affecting us too much. 
Lane Poole Reserve is a lovely area, there is bushwalking, fishing in season, swimming, canoeing, relaxing...heaps to do and something to suit everyone.  Camping fees do apply.   There are a few more toilets than the last time we were up there, some wheelchair accessable, no showers but cool water to rinse off in. 

 I think I will need to come back again.   I have no idea why we don't take advantage of it and visit more often.  And who knows, I may even see this little guy again.  That would be pretty cool.