Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Iron Gully Falls 12/08/2018

I am on the computer
 too much, reading about what other people are doing, what they are seeing, where they are going...I read about places that I have never been and often think that I really need to just get in the car and go see some of these great places that other people are seeing.

I have been seeing, on and off over the last couple months, pictures of a place that is not too far from where we live and have thought that I could go there without getting lost or being too scared.  So I looked up this place on the internet and looked at videos people had put up on YouTube, it was totally doable.

We have been having lots of rain lately, dams in the area are filling up, paddocks are under water and rivers are full.  Recently I heard that there was a lot of water at this particular place and the waterfall was impressive so I decided that I would go have a look.  By myself if I had too but I was going.  Last week I asked husband if he was interested but he wasn't, no matter,  I was going anyway, going today.  Yesterday I asked him again and he said he would come too. 

Iron Gully Falls is on Goodwood Road, halfway between Donnybrook and Capel and I had looked at maps, looked at Google Earth so I was pretty sure I knew how to get to where we were going but when I said to husband it was on the left of the road he looked at me and told me I was wrong, the track in was on the right.   Hmmm, we'll see.   This morning we set off from here just before 9, we stopped off in Donnybrook to buy fresh rolls to have with lunch then husband headed South and turned right.  Umm, I had looked at maps, looked at Google Earth, this wasn't the way.  He kept going, turned left, umm still not the road I would have taken.  Of course he was right, he always is  and he knows these roads.  And the track in was on the right.  HoHum, not sure why I bother really but do know why I worry about going anywhere.   I haven't yet looked at my directions and worked out where I would have ended up. 

There were a lot of cars in the car park when we arrived but we drove through and parked up near a table and seats where we made coffee before walking to see the falls.  

This is looking at the falls from Donnybrook side of the river.  We had to climb down through bushes and shrubs to get to the base of the falls, we basically followed some other people and hoped they knew where they were going. 

Turning back to go out there were a couple of other small falls, husband pushed through the bushes to see if there was an easier way out, there was but I had to climb out onto a rock in the middle of the steam for a photo-shoot.

We climbed up and over some rocks back to the top then walked up to the road and across the bridge to get to the other side of the river.   

These photos are taken from Capel side of the river, again we had to walk through long grass and around bush and shrubs to get down to the rivers edge.

Worth it though.

It was even worth tripping over a log stick and falling flat on my face in the wet grass.  I'm glad we went, definitely worth the drive and I will go again.  Might even take the grandkids down for an adventure.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Weekend Down South

A couple of weeks ago the husband suggested that we go down to Hamlin Bay for a couple of days. Well, yeah, I wanna do that, thankyou very much, when?   
We went last weekend.   
I love Hamlin Bay, the beach, the rocks, the rays that come up real close to shore...We have been a few times now and I always wonder why we don't go down there more often.

Son has been down that way recently and he told us about Prevelly Caravan Park where they have stayed so we looked it up online.  It looked like a nice park, lots of trees, close to beaches and not too far from all the places we wanted to see.   Some reviews on-line weren't the greatest but we decided to take a chance and stay there anyway and see for ourselves.  For what we wanted, clean, basic, cheapish, it ticked the boxes. 

Contacting Prevally Caravan Park took awhile, I tried ringing them at various times over 2 days but only had someone answer the phone when I rang at 7:30am, their opening time, the day before we wanted to leave home.   The desk for the caravan park is in a shop next door to the park  and as we saw when we were there this shop gets busy.
We weren't real camping but wanted a cabin, onsite van, unit of some sort, and ended up with Cedar Cabin 4, $80 a night, no bathroom.   I thought this was dear but husband was happy to pay that and it was a lot cheaper than anywhere else he looked at on-line.  

We left home around 9 on the Friday morning with the intention of going to Hamlin Bay first as check-in to Prevelly is 2pm. Or 2.30, I can't remember!   It was cool when we left here but had the promise of being a lovely day.  The car was packed with our stuff, some food if we got hungry, coffee making supplies and a small camp stove.

We had a stop here on the way down, does anyone know where this is?  We have been before but today was just a quick stop.  Another quirky town and one we will go to again.

We turned off the main road here so as to miss the very over-rated, to us, town of Margaret River and travelled the rest of the way down along Caves Road.

The sun was shining when we got to Hamlin Bay around 12.30, a slight breeze but lovely day.  We walked down towards the beach and there weren't many people but we could see the rays from the top of the boat ramp.  Back to the car to put shorts on as I knew I would get wet then back to the water.  It was cold but never too cold to stand in close to shore where the rays come.

The rays were there as usual, they seem to patrol the beach, up one way then back the other, over and over.   They come right up to people, swim over your feet, brush up against you, get touched by various people...  I love being there. 

After an hour or so we left to go into Augusta to buy food for the weekend and to have lunch.   We had a picnic down by the river/estuary, another lovely spot to be.  The seagulls wanted some of our food but we told them no. 

We left Augusta around 3 and made our way back to Prevelly to where we were going to be staying. 

After a couple of mix-ups with checking in we found our cabin and went in and started to unload the car.  I usually take so much stuff for a weekend away I was pleased with myself this time that I took less.  But still too much!

This shower/toilet block was close to us, down these steps.  The facilities themselves were as clean as a busy caravan park ablution block could be but of course, not everyone cleans up after themselves so sometimes it was wet and messy but a phone number was listed to be called if needed.
There was another ablution block up the other end of the park but we didn't go into that one.

Saturday morning was a bit cooler, more wind but still sunny.  Our plan was to explore a bit of Prevelly then go back to see the stingrays again.   There are some nice places in Prevelly and one I liked was the dog park.  There is an area for exercising dogs, a cycle path, swings and barbecues, toilets.  We went up to Surfers

Point but there was a surfing completion on so didn't stay.  

Went out to Rivermouth for a look and a paddle.  Umm no, that water was cold!

There are some pretty cool statues in the area but we didn't find them all. Maybe next time.
 Did see this and wondered why.

It must mean something but I just wondered, why is she breastfeeding a fish?  Weird

After driving around Prevelly and calling in to look at different parts we went back to the cabin for breakfast then back onto Caves Road and back to Hamlin Bay.

It was a lot busier this time, the car park was nearly full but also this beach is right next to Hamlin Bay Holiday Park and there were a lot of people coming and going from there.  The wind was up this morning and there was a bit of swell so the water was murky with sand and small waves.  And so many people!   I was glad that we had come the day before but we still got to see the rays and today we also went for a walk up to the rocks and cliffs at the end of the beach.  I didn't go through the hole in the rocks that I like as the wind was pushing waves and spray through and that water was cold.


After leaving Hamlin Bay we saw a sign for a sculpture park so went to have a look, but it was closed.

So we decided on a self guided tour of a cave instead.  I sooked out of doing the Giants Cave, really disappointed myself, but instead we did this one.  Turn the torch off and it was dark!

Sunday was our last day and with only 2 things on my list we had a leisurely breakfast and were checking out by 9.  Indijup Natural Spa was the first and on our way home, if we went that way.  It was  early and not very warm so I figured I wouldn't be getting wet, just having a look.  Go left from the car park, down a rocky track, climb/scramble over more rocks...See how beautiful and inviting it looked so scramble over rocks and back to the car to get changed.  Pass dozens of people heading down to my water!  Get changed then back down the track, over the rocks and into the water.  It was cold!!  But so worth it.

 I did get dunked and that was a timely reminder that the ocean is very powerful and should be respected.  Be careful if you ever get to go here.  The water crashes over the top of rocks and the first 1/2 a dozen times it's lovely but then...wham! monster waves crashing onto you.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Camping Car

I have a SUV, it's automatic, all wheel drive, whatever that means.  It's easy to drive and quite roomy.  Plenty roomy enough to sleep in.  If I take the back seat out.  Am I legally allowed to do that?  I will make some calls and find out as that would be the easiest option.  Otherwise I will need to build a box or 2 or a frame with a board on to use with a mattress.  (So I have rung a couple of places and been told "technically, no, but lots of people do"  Could result in being yellow stickered so that plan is out)

What would I need in my Camping Car?  Somewhere to sleep.  Something to cover windows.  An esky.  Screens for the windows so flies and mozzies stay out.  A small stove and plates and that sort of stuff.  A bag of food.

I think at first I would only be gone for a night or 2 so I don't think I'd need a lot.

I will make a list, add to it as I think of things, cross them off as they are done, then go.  How hard can it all be?!

Anyway, I have made a start, husband even helped with a couple of things, I just need to not be too scared to go somewhere.

Time to try again.

It's been a long time since I have been here.  A long time since I went anywhere by myself.  There have been a few trips away with the husband since my Tassie trip with daughter but as you can see...nothing was written down.

I am here now as I am nearly 60 and wanting to try again with the solo camping thing.  We have talked about this year being the year when we make proper effort to go away and explore places.  Only a few days here, a few days there, maybe a week or so every couple of months and a weekend more often.  Well, I'm pretty sure that that is not going to happen.  Husband has said we can, has said he'd get his car set up again...but it hasn't happened yet and probably wont happen any time soon.

This time of year he is busy with work, his car needs a new canopy, frame and canvas, we could use son's "big car" but haven't yet so probably wont...Though we might...

Anyway, if I want to go somewhere I think I need to go by myself.  So with that in mind I have started a list on what I need to do with my car so that I get use that.

I really regret letting the licence on the van lapse, I should have used that while I could.  I don't want to be saying in 3 years time that I could have, should have, didn't.

I have been watching YouTube, so many people are out there doing it, in their car, not fancy campers or motorhomes but normal everyday cars.  And some of them are just like mine.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lost Information.

What a useless Wannabewanderer I am.   I am going to Tassie again, with husband this time.  Going Feb 2017.  I came here to get some information on where I went last time, back in March 2015...and I haven't put it here.  And I have no idea where my notes, brochures and photos from that trip are.  Like I said, useless!  I will need to find it all. add what we did and where we went and in a few years time do the same with next years visit.  HoHum.

And I am starting to really want to get out and explore again, only WA , only around where I live to start.  But yeah, starting to want it again so will need to get working on actually doing it. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On our way to Tasmania.

Our trip to Tasmania is over, we have been home for quite a few weeks and I am now trying to remember what happened when...

Ready to leave.
Thursday afternoon (4th March 2015) and we were packed and ready to go.  Too much stuff?   Maybe. 

A friend picked us up and drove us to the Perth where they did a bit of shopping before we went to Analashkia for tea.  I have been here a few times and I really like it.

Here we are waiting for our flight to be called.  We were a couple of hours early but we all agreed that that is better than being a couple of minutes late.

It was close to midnight when our flight left Perth and early morning by the time we arrived in Melbourne.  I slept for a bit on the plane but L waited until she found some floorspace in a corner of our boarding area in Melbourne.
We had a 2 hour stop-over in Melbourne where we read, slept, walked to spend the time.  It was only a short flight from Melbourne to Tasmania but landing there in Hobart airport was a bit different as we had to leave the plane onto the tarmac and it was cold.  Not raining though so the walk across to the terminal wasn't too bad.  I still had a banana in my bag so had to give that and an apple up before we could enter the airport.   We get our cases then had a bit of a walk to the car hire place.  Again it was cold but luckily not raining.   Picking up the van was a bit nerve-racking but once we were in it and on our way it was all OK.  
We asked the Britz woman for directions to some place where we could buy food and were directed to Sorrell so as L was going to be the first driver she gets in the front, I get in the back with the kid and we are off.  Getting to Sorrell was easy and we were soon parked up in a shopping centre carpark, into the shop and food bought.  Hmm, now how do we get to Penguin?  We didn't have a very good map and the few people that we asked didn't seem to know either and the 1 bloke that told us the way was wrong.  We went the way he said though stopping not far out of town for me to drive and L to study the map she had.  She realised we were on the wrong road and it was going to be a long drive but she found a way for us to follow and cut through to get onto the road we should have been on to start with.  When I was nearly falling asleep at the wheel we swapped drivers again.
We stopped at a few places along the way but eventually there was a longer stretch and I woke up as she was driving into Penguin and heading towards the coast. She knew the caravan park was on the coast so that is the way she was heading.  No map or navigator, just her smarts and common sense.  I knew she was driving for more reasons than me falling asleep.
We pulled in and booked in for the week.