Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Been There, Done That.

Tasmania.  What a lovely place it is.  We have been and done a bit there but intend to go back and do it again.  We missed lots so want to go see them and some of what we did do we want to do again.

I have been home a week now and still haven't finished unpacking.  Still haven't written about it and still haven't got all the photos organised.  I really must make a start on it all.

I plan on getting everything put away properly this weekend and then will work on getting something written down...before I forget it all.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Threes Days To Go, You'd Think I'd Be Ready By Now....

Three day before we leave.  I do not know what bags to take.  What clothes to take.  How much money to take.  I am out tomorrow, out Tuesday, out most of Wed...

I have been housesitting the last 2 nights/days...have jobs here that need doing, people I need to visit, I am dog-sitting until Wed,

Next time I decide to leave the state for a few weeks I hope to be more organised.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

When, Where, Here, There Then Here Again..

It's starting to feel real now, a week before we leave and I now have times that we are leaving, arriving, leaving and getting back again.
Thursday March 5th   Leaves Perth 11.40pm   I don't know what time we will need to get to the airport but presuming earlier than that and maybe even earlier again depending on how we get there from here.

Lands in Melbourne 6.15 am 6th March.  We have a stopover but think we just get to spend a couple of hours in an airport.  Might be interesting.

We then leave Melbourne 7.55am  Friday 6th and land in Hobart an hour or so later. 
Not sure what happens then, we will pick up our camper from somewhere and then ???   I think we need to get to Penguin that same day.
A week in Penguin then 2 weeks exploring a bit more of the island.
We leave Hobart on Friday 27th March, early afternoon and after a short flight we get back to Melbourne where we again spend some time in the airport before flying back to Perth then another 2 hours before we are home.  Me anyway.  The daughter wont get home for another day or so after that.

I find it funny that we will leave Melbourne at 5.05pm, fly for 4 or so hours but it will be only be 6ish when we get to Perth.  Yep, it doesn't take much to please me.




Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking To Tassie.

I've been going through my clothes again and it seems that no matter how many times I do this I still have too many.
But out of all that I have what will I need for 3 weeks away in Tasmania?  Dunno.

On the plane I will wear black stretchy trousers, shirt, jumper/cardigan.  Socks and black shoes.

I am thinking of these things to take but will go through the list again closer to the day.
1-2 Black trousers
1 Dark tracky dacks for sleeping and if it is cold.
3 TShirts
2-3Long sleeve shirts.  Can't find the one I usually wear.
8  Socks.
1 bra.
8 Undies.
1 Shoes.
Thongs or slip-ons.  Not sure about these yet.
2 Beanie.
1 Raincoat.
2 Gloves.
Jacket, maybe.  Will I need this if I have the raincoat?
Umbrella.  Fold-up one in my bag.
Swimming gear?  Thinking this will be needed if we get to the thermal pools.

I will also need to remember:
Camera, batteries and charger.
Phone and charger.
Notebook and pen for writing stuff down.
Flannels and a small towel.

I'm pretty sure this list will need to be amended as I go through trying to bag it all up over the next week.  What have I forgotten?

Tassie Countdown...16 Days to go...

And here we are near on 3 weeks later and my list is still a muddled mess in my head.  I have just over 2 weeks before we leave.   Maybe it's time to give things a bit more thought and at the very least decide what bags I will need and see if I have enough suitable clothing...Today I will get a carry-on bag organised.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Countdown To Tassie.

I am going to go to Tasmania.  How cool will that be.  Not sure why I cry every time I think about it but...Crying is not going to stop me, I will just keep the hanky handy.

Five weeks, I think, more or less, before we leave.   We being me and a daughter and her daughter.  Husband is staying home.  

I have less than 5 weeks to get organised, decide what to take, lose 20 kilos, get the gardens to a survivable stage, get fit enough to trek the island, do some research on weather so I will know what to take, research and buy a tablet or laptop of some sort.  So much to do and one day soon I will make a start on a list.

Have you been to Tassie?   Maybe I could see a copy of your list?  I will still make my own as I do like a good list but it would be interesting to see the difference between yours and mine.  If you blogged about it that would be interesting to see too.  Please.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Yet But Soon...

Well my solo camping adventures didn't last long and the ones with husband are very few and very far between...but that is how it is...for now.   I was cross with myself that I let the licence on Wanda lapse and regretted it too late to get it back without a pit crossing and I knew she wouldn't pass that.  I now use the van to store stuff for the Really Really Free Markets so she is not a total waste of space.   One day I would like to get her under cover and use it as a camping/cubby house spot for the grandkids. 

The camping didn't happen, the adventures didn't happen, so I have taken on a new role and will stick with it for 12 months all the while looking for my next van, the one that I WILL USE to go off exploring by myself.  Or keep licenced so I can I and when I want which is what I should have done with Wanda...As least she was there if I ever wanted to so there was still hope that I would...Now that's gone...HoHum, I am a sad little wannabe wanderer.  But only for a bit, my next life plan is to succeed at being a volunteer manager at our local Vinnies and though the volunteer bit is not going to help me get the money for a new van the stories I hear from women that come in that are out there doing it are reinforcing that it is what I want to do.   Not full time.  Not every day.  Not even very far but I will squirrel away the very little money I get and then when I find the right van I will hit the husband up for the money to buy it.   

I know what I want.  It will be a small van similar to Wanda but newer so I feel safer that it want conk out on me...though I do quite often see new cars conked out on the side of the road so know that is no guarantee.   I sometimes think I will have seats in it so I just have the one car that I can sleep in and use for everyday driving but haven't quite made up my mind yet.   Every time I see a van drive pass I think whether that is like the one I want but still haven't decided.  I will  go back to the beginning, read this blog from the start, but think I want the same things as what we had with Wander but a newer version.  And maybe keep a seat in so I could still take passengers and only have the one car...Undecided on that but have plenty of time to get it right.

In the mean time I have joined Facebook group, a group with women doing it, wanting to do it, women that sound like they are strong and resourceful so I'm sure after a bit with that I will start seriously looking for my van and will find what I need when I need to, when the time is right for me to do it too.

So things will be quiet here again but one day in the not too distant future there will be things to read, I will have stories to tell and photos to show.   It wont happen this week but IT WILL happen.