Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On our way to Tasmania.

Our trip to Tasmania is over, we have been home for quite a few weeks and I am now trying to remember what happened when...

Ready to leave.
Thursday afternoon (4th March 2015) and we were packed and ready to go.  Too much stuff?   Maybe. 

A friend picked us up and drove us to the Perth where they did a bit of shopping before we went to Analashkia for tea.  I have been here a few times and I really like it.

Here we are waiting for our flight to be called.  We were a couple of hours early but we all agreed that that is better than being a couple of minutes late.

It was close to midnight when our flight left Perth and early morning by the time we arrived in Melbourne.  I slept for a bit on the plane but L waited until she found some floorspace in a corner of our boarding area in Melbourne.
We had a 2 hour stop-over in Melbourne where we read, slept, walked to spend the time.  It was only a short flight from Melbourne to Tasmania but landing there in Hobart airport was a bit different as we had to leave the plane onto the tarmac and it was cold.  Not raining though so the walk across to the terminal wasn't too bad.  I still had a banana in my bag so had to give that and an apple up before we could enter the airport.   We get our cases then had a bit of a walk to the car hire place.  Again it was cold but luckily not raining.   Picking up the van was a bit nerve-racking but once we were in it and on our way it was all OK.  
We asked the Britz woman for directions to some place where we could buy food and were directed to Sorrell so as L was going to be the first driver she gets in the front, I get in the back with the kid and we are off.  Getting to Sorrell was easy and we were soon parked up in a shopping centre carpark, into the shop and food bought.  Hmm, now how do we get to Penguin?  We didn't have a very good map and the few people that we asked didn't seem to know either and the 1 bloke that told us the way was wrong.  We went the way he said though stopping not far out of town for me to drive and L to study the map she had.  She realised we were on the wrong road and it was going to be a long drive but she found a way for us to follow and cut through to get onto the road we should have been on to start with.  When I was nearly falling asleep at the wheel we swapped drivers again.
We stopped at a few places along the way but eventually there was a longer stretch and I woke up as she was driving into Penguin and heading towards the coast. She knew the caravan park was on the coast so that is the way she was heading.  No map or navigator, just her smarts and common sense.  I knew she was driving for more reasons than me falling asleep.
We pulled in and booked in for the week.