Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nanga Mill Camping...Review.

I've been thinking of the last  camping trip and what worked best with it and what could be improved.  One major improvement would be making sure that everything that belongs in the van was put back in each time I take it out to clean...That way husband wouldn't have been without a pillow. haha.  He made do with a bit of foam so it wasn't too big a problem but shouldn't have happened.   Of course my not having a small tent in the van that we could have set up with the other tents could have been avoided.  We like going to bed early though so us having to go back to the van in the carpark did ensure that we didn't have noise around us like we would if we had a tent around everyone else.

Food wise we were boring but good.  I take my oatmix in serving size bags and I just need to put that in a mug and pour on hot water and let it sit for a bit.  That is my usual breakfasts.  Husband doesn't have breakfast so even I that doesn't camp cook gets that right.
Before we left home I made up half a dozen chicken rolls and had them in the esky.  We had one each for lunch and tea was the same except we heated them on the side of the campfire.  We were also served up some of the vegan stew that the other campers were having.   I could have taken a jaffle iron and put the rolls in that then in the coals but a rock on top of the roll squished it enough to hold together and get hot.

I like things to be simple and don't mind having the same thing for a few days in a row so don't take a range of different ingredients anywhere.  

There wasn't much that needed changing but we were only away 1 night and things may have been different if we went for thre or 4.  But we don't do that and I wpuld hope that I had enough sense to prepare properly for it if e planned to.  For the unplanned for nights there are a few tins of food under the be.

It would be nice to be able to say that she was all cleaned and repacked and ready to go...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nanga Mill Camping.

We had a lovely time up at Nanga Mill in the Lane Poole Reserve though not as good as it could have been due to my *not understanding* what I am told.

Daughter said to me a couple of times that the area that they were going to was for tents and that they walked in from a car parking area and that I needed to put a tent into the van...I heard her say all this but for some reason still thought that we'd be camping out of the van...Idiot!

It wasn't too big of a problem though as we hung around their camp area, sat around their fire...but at 7.30pm when it was our time for bed we went back to the van and slept in that in the carpark.  No big deal.  I am going to put a small tent into the van though just in case there is a next time.  In this area most of the really nice camping spots close to the water were only tent sites.  Looking at some of them and going by the one that we were at, it all looked like a massive undertaking to get tents and all the gear from the car to the site though...a lot more of an effort than we want.  My little van is little, smaller than the tent that these people had,  but when used in the right area everything is with us and there isn't much carrying and setting up needed and that's what we like.

This morning I walked along the road running along Nanga Mill camping area, it was early, I only saw one other person but there were more than a dozen kangaroos around the camps.  It was great to see them all so close to the vehicles and I wondered why people wouldn't get up early so they could sit and watch these animals while they, the people! had their morning coffee.  It does always amaze me though how people can sleep for so long when they are out in the bush when there are so many birds and animals to see and walks to do...

Husband went fishing this morning.  We walked up towards Stringers which isn't far from where we were camped, we followed the path along the river, and picked a likely looking spot to try, no luck there though so we moved further along to a set of wooden steps going into the river.  He had a few bites, we were after Redfin, he managed to catch a cobbler.  Still good eating. 

 I decided that I'd do the right Chuditch Trail this time so after breakfast Husband and I set off.   As I was sitting around the fire pit with 6 other adults this morning I issued them all an invitation to join me in this walk.  Told them that it was only 4km, took, according to the sign that couldn't possibly be right, a couple of hours...No-one was interested.  Now I'd already walked a couple of k's earlier while waiting for husband to wake up and a bit more with the grandkid after that and I am fat and unfit but was ready for more so I was disappointed that no-one else thought it was a good idea.  Husband was kind enough to come with me so I thank him for that.  He is not a walker but the lovely man came because he knew I'd rather not go alone.

There are many nice walks in this reserve and I know I say it every time after I go up to Lane Poole but I am going to make an effort to get a few more in before the end of the year.   It's so close to home there is no reason that I couldn't go up every month at least and get some decent walks in.

Nanga Town camping area was deserted on the Friday when we left.  I was actually surprised that there were not more campers in any of the areas that we passed.  There were a couple of tents there on Thursday morning when we passed by though. Because we went in through the bottom gate on Nanga Road I don't know if other areas were busy or not.

Camping fees apply in Lane Poole but we didn't see anyone collecting them yesterday.  We didn't go through the main gate, instead used the bottom gate off Nanga Road but thought there would be rangers going around to collect payment.  According to others this doesn't happen very often though. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Camping Trip...Finally!

I am going on a camping trip, taking the van, meeting up with others though so not completely solo and I may have the husband with me so not solo at all if that happens.  But never mind all those technicalities...I am going camping.  And that is what counts.

The daughter said she was going with these people that I know quite well so I invited myself along knowing full well that I would be more than welcome to join them all.   At the time I thought Husband would be away but it turns out he will be home late tonight but maybe only for a day or 2 so I was umming and ahhing about still going but in the end decided that he would probably only be sleeping so I may as well go and I'd catch up with him next week.  He may decide to come as he could sleep just as well in the van for a bit when we are there.  Either way...I'm agoing.

Sad thing is I was out looking at the van after I decided to go and it is not at all ready like it is supposed to be.  Way back when I first got it the plan was to keep it clean and packed so I could just jump in and go whenever I wanted to...well that hasn't happened.  Not sure if it has ever been like that really...
I know, I'm a bad wannabe solo camper person.

Anyway, I went to move her closer to the shed to give her a cleanout and ...nothing, wouldn't start so that was a BIG bummer seeing as I'd spend a bit of money so that wouldn't happen. It had been driven the week before too so it was a surprise that it didn't start.  I think the son has moved it and not turned the key off properly, Can't see why else it wouldn't start.  The daughter and I tried to give it a jumpstart with her car but no go so I took the (very heavy for me to lift) battery out and put it on the charger for a bit.  This morning put it back it and we're ready to go.  Well it starts, I still need to give her a clean and repack but will do that this afternoon.  Then get some water and food sorted...then it'll be ready to go. Camping!!  How cool is that going to be.  Actually, it will probably be quite cool, literary, as we are going up to Lane Poole and Dwellingup is usually very cold.