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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nanga Mill Camping...Review.

I've been thinking of the last  camping trip and what worked best with it and what could be improved.  One major improvement would be making sure that everything that belongs in the van was put back in each time I take it out to clean...That way husband wouldn't have been without a pillow. haha.  He made do with a bit of foam so it wasn't too big a problem but shouldn't have happened.   Of course my not having a small tent in the van that we could have set up with the other tents could have been avoided.  We like going to bed early though so us having to go back to the van in the carpark did ensure that we didn't have noise around us like we would if we had a tent around everyone else.

Food wise we were boring but good.  I take my oatmix in serving size bags and I just need to put that in a mug and pour on hot water and let it sit for a bit.  That is my usual breakfasts.  Husband doesn't have breakfast so even I that doesn't camp cook gets that right.
Before we left home I made up half a dozen chicken rolls and had them in the esky.  We had one each for lunch and tea was the same except we heated them on the side of the campfire.  We were also served up some of the vegan stew that the other campers were having.   I could have taken a jaffle iron and put the rolls in that then in the coals but a rock on top of the roll squished it enough to hold together and get hot.

I like things to be simple and don't mind having the same thing for a few days in a row so don't take a range of different ingredients anywhere.  

There wasn't much that needed changing but we were only away 1 night and things may have been different if we went for thre or 4.  But we don't do that and I wpuld hope that I had enough sense to prepare properly for it if e planned to.  For the unplanned for nights there are a few tins of food under the be.

It would be nice to be able to say that she was all cleaned and repacked and ready to go...

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