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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Camping Trip...Finally!

I am going on a camping trip, taking the van, meeting up with others though so not completely solo and I may have the husband with me so not solo at all if that happens.  But never mind all those technicalities...I am going camping.  And that is what counts.

The daughter said she was going with these people that I know quite well so I invited myself along knowing full well that I would be more than welcome to join them all.   At the time I thought Husband would be away but it turns out he will be home late tonight but maybe only for a day or 2 so I was umming and ahhing about still going but in the end decided that he would probably only be sleeping so I may as well go and I'd catch up with him next week.  He may decide to come as he could sleep just as well in the van for a bit when we are there.  Either way...I'm agoing.

Sad thing is I was out looking at the van after I decided to go and it is not at all ready like it is supposed to be.  Way back when I first got it the plan was to keep it clean and packed so I could just jump in and go whenever I wanted to...well that hasn't happened.  Not sure if it has ever been like that really...
I know, I'm a bad wannabe solo camper person.

Anyway, I went to move her closer to the shed to give her a cleanout and ...nothing, wouldn't start so that was a BIG bummer seeing as I'd spend a bit of money so that wouldn't happen. It had been driven the week before too so it was a surprise that it didn't start.  I think the son has moved it and not turned the key off properly, Can't see why else it wouldn't start.  The daughter and I tried to give it a jumpstart with her car but no go so I took the (very heavy for me to lift) battery out and put it on the charger for a bit.  This morning put it back it and we're ready to go.  Well it starts, I still need to give her a clean and repack but will do that this afternoon.  Then get some water and food sorted...then it'll be ready to go. Camping!!  How cool is that going to be.  Actually, it will probably be quite cool, literary, as we are going up to Lane Poole and Dwellingup is usually very cold.

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