Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maiden Wander.

We are back from Wanda's first real *adventure*  I drove the 1 1/2 hours up to McAlindan to the BiL's farm and parked in the area with all the other cars while we went in and joined the party. 
At bedtime I drove down his laneway to a quiet area near one of his dams.  Bush on one side, paddocks on the other.  I don't think my headlights are as good as they could be.  They work but Hubby said they should be brighter.  I don't plan on doing a lot of (none!) night driving but may have to get them looked at.
Drove down the lane and parked then had to prep for bed.  We had the swag down in the back so really it was only a matter of teeth cleaning and quick wipe-down and a spray with vinegar.  We'd been swimming earlier and it had been raining after that so we weren't dirty. 

I learned that if you have a light on in the van and leave the door open then months fly in.  You need to put a light outside to get them out again.  Lucky there were no mozzies as we hadn't set the netting up.

Had a good nights sleep, up and go for a walk, back to the van for coffee. 

Went exploring on the way back but didn''t find any good camping spots so came home.

The van worked good.  Hubby says it did good on the windy and hilly road up there and I was comfortable driving everywhere we went.  Even through the paddocks to get to a bigger dam for a swim.  I still need to learn about diesels but think I did alright even though my speed wasn't up to other cars.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Find It, Pack It.

So in anticipation of the overnighter coming up this Saturday I am, have been, will be, out trying to get things together.
We are going up to McAlinden again, this time for a 50th birthday party so we shouldn't need to take food but I will take an esky *just in case*   I don't eat the sort of foods that they usually serve so I will need snacks and breakfast at least.  And my own coffee making facilities because we will be sleeping in the car and I get up earlier than everyone else.

I need a list of what to take I think, then I need ways of packing it in the back.  Boxes of some sort?
For this one nighter I will put the swag in on the floor and pack the other stuff around that.  I won't need much  as we won't be needing a shower and we will use their toilet/bathroom.
Swag.  Sorted.
Stove.  We seem to be missing one of these so I have pinched  borrowed one we use with the cruiser.  There is a cigarette lighter with it but I will put some matches in there as well.  (this is actually what I came inside to get. Oops! lol)  Just thought, these are automatic ignition so probably don't need matches but I have them now so they are in and may come in handy later.  Done.
Coffee stuff.  Coffee, tea, sugar, milk...Need to find some jars to put some in to take.
Cups and plates. cutlery.  I want a box or bag that I can keep these in together.  Can't decide what though.
Esky.  I need to decide what one I want to keep for the van and make sure it is clean.
Lighting.  Torch.  Hubby's solar light?

I'm thinking that a mat of some sort will be good for stopping a lot of dirt getting in the back but I haven't got one.  Maybe a small piece of carpet?

What else will I need?  I'm having problems thinking and it's only for overnight.  How will I manage to get ready for a few days!

Monday, January 24, 2011

She's Working Fine.

I have had the van back for a few days and it starts anytime I want it to so I have been driving around town going places that I wouldn't usually go but using the *I need to see if it will start* excuse to drive to these places.
Lucky I have a full tank of diesel that didn't cost me anything. 

We did have a bad moment yesterday with the van.  Hubby had to weld the spare tyre holder thingo so I disconnected the battery beforehand but when he put everything back together again it wouldn't start.  Big BUGGER!! from me and as everything looked right we were a bit puzzled.

WE (alright, he) had also disconnected a long live lead that was once connected to a second battery so we thought it must have had something to do with that so he re connected that but still nothing.  He re-disconnected that, tried jumper leads but noticed there was no power then so he went back to the start and re-looked at the battery connections.  There were a few wires connected to this, some with tape around them, and he found one that had come loose but we hadn''t seen it because of the tape.  He fixed that and I must say I was so pleased when the van started.

I will go for a drive again tomorrow but I seem to be getting used to it and it drives well. 

I still haven't decide whether to put the back seat in again or leave it out for good and have the extra room.  Both choices have good points to them.  Until I decide it is hard to decide on a setup and what I can put where.

We are going away in it this coming weekend for an overnighter only but I still haven't put any gear together for it.  No bed yet so we will use the swag in it but I might get some idea on what I want.
I suppose as long as we have a bed and something to make coffee with we can't go too far wrong.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Cross. Van Won't Start. Mechanic No Show.

I had the van in getting the starter moter *fixed* the other day.  I wanted a new one but the mechanic said that he'd look at it and might be able to get away without needing a new one.  So I pay him some money, get the van back and on Saturday when I go to start it it won't start.  So cross but Hubby banged the SM, shook the car a bit and it started.  Went where I was going and it started the couple of times I needed it to but yesterday I wanted to use it again and again it wouldn't start.  Rang the guy and he said that he'd be out to look at it but he didn't show all day so I will call him again later. 
I will not be impressed if he wants me to pay more.

Wow, talk of the devil...He is here now...

He tried starting it, got it going by putting it on a battery but says that it sounds like the SM still so he will need to order a new one in, can I bring the van in tomorrow...

It's a bloody nuisance as I was wanting to use it to go away this week while Hubby had a few days off but will now have to wait a couple of weeks longer.  Unless I went by myself...which I am too scared to do until we have been out and used it a few times to sort out any *issues*.   Like this one!

Probably just as well, I still haven't got any gear for it organised so will add that to todays list.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Power Windows.

The van I bought has power windows in the front, both the drivers and the passengers are electronically controlled by a knob on the drivers door.  I HATE them.  I can see no benefit to any car having these stupid things.

The End.

OK, if you like them and think that there is a point to them then please leave a comment and let be know.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Clean.

I have had the van back since Thursday lunchtime but am only now getting around to cleaning it properly. 
But I think it will end up getting a good going over.
I have taken the back-seat out and I even  pulled the carpet out as I knew it would be pretty dusty underneath.  I was right, even found some money (55cents), a couple of screws and some bits of glass.
The seat is now scrubbed and sitting in the sun.  It has been sprayed with vinegar and I will get Hubby to help me put it back in when he gets home.  Hopefully it won't rain as it was bleedin' hard to get out and I don't think I'd be able to lift it back in by myself.
The mat has been scrubbed and had a high pressure hose-down and is hanging over the front gate to dry.  They both look good.
The curtains have been taken out and are in the washing machine as I type and the front seatcovers will be next.

I came in for breakfast but now need to go out and vacuum and dust the back of the van.  It will then get another wash but it is getting hot out there so that might be done his evening.

I will report back later.

Coffee Time!!  There must be an easier way, I have been out there for an hour and a half and still getting dirty water after I wash everything and rinse the cloths.  Off to do some blog reading  research.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

She's Back.

And I now know where the engine is so checking oil and water can be done. 
I was thinking it would be under the drivers seat and for some dumb reason I never even thought to look at the passenger side.  Idiot!
I was having *issues* with the back door so he fixed that for me as well.
I'm hoping to get it *proper clean* before Sunday but the set-up is going to take a while yet to get sorted.
And I want a booklet for it so need to find out where to get one of those from.  I'm hoping that I can download something from the internet but haven't found what I need yet.

If anyone knows where I can get a manuel for a 1991 Toyota Townace please let me know. 
I am in WA, Australia.

First Things First.

I have taken the van down to the mechanics to have the starter motor fixed or replaced.  He will also look at it and tell me if anything serious is wrong.  That will mean that I will then have no excuse not to go somewhere by myself as I won't have to worry too much about getting out and banging the thing myself.  It was like, in, out, bang, in, out, bang, in...you get the drift.  It is easier with 2 of us, one banging and 1 turning the key but this will get rid of that hassle

When it comes back I will give it a good scrub inside.  I have finally managed to take out the bed platform that was in there and it has had a wipe-over but it has travelled up north and there is still red dust that can be seen in places.

I took out the small seat from the back last night and Hubby showed me how to turn the other one around.  It seats 4 now instead of 5 but 2 in the front and 2 in the back is fine.  Taking the single seat out has given me a lot more room getting in and out the side door and if I want we can take out the other seat as well but that will depend on if I think I will use it with passengers or if it will be just a *camping car*

And that's what I will be doing, thinking...about what I want in it, what I need, how to set things up.  Do I want a platform for the bed or will a mattress on the floor be good enough?   Will I need to use a sink and stove inside?  I will be reading a few blogs and things to get ideas from people who have done it already. 

There are some clever adventurous adventurers out there.  I want to be one of them.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

McAlinden Overnighter.

We had an OK stay up at the BiL's property on Monday night but I need to remember to take decent food when we visit these people.  There should be food in the tuckerbox for this type of situation but because I am so onorganised there wasn't.  So we had nothing to eat until pizza was offered at 9.30pm.  I had lunch before we left and took a couple of apples up with me but was feeling crook by 7.  Hubby had had nothing all day and was ready for bed but had to wait 'til after *tea*.  A tin of something in the car, or some sandwiches would have been better for us.

They thought us strange to be wanting to sleep in the car but that was our plan and no air-conditioned loungeroom with Foxtel was going to change our minds.  We took our shower and the port loo so we didn't need anything inside.  Next time we will go further away from the house so as to not be able to see it but it was OK where we were.  Maybe a bit too close to their dogs...
I was up at 4.45, went for a decent walk then back and made coffee on the little gas stove.  Had an apple and read for awhile until Hubby was up and there was movement over at the house.

Will put a photo here later.

We left around 10 and called into a place that we have been to once before and liked.  It is an old coalmine that has been flooded and is now used for swimming.  I didn't think that you were allowed to camp there but there were no signs and there were a couple of people there camping so it looks like it is allowed.  No facilities at all though so you would need to be self contained.  As we can be we may stay here on our next visit this way.
It is near Alanson and is called Black Diamond something.  Maybe BD pool.
Will put a photo here later.

We nearly left home without a billy for coffee making as it was in the bigger box and I was only taking the little one but luckily Hubby did my job for me and checked as he was loading.  That would have been sad if I didn't have something to heat water for my coffees.

I have a bag in the shed that should fit a stove and basic stuff for times like this so I should get it put together.  It will be able to be taken anywhere then.

Once again, I could/should have done things better but apart from food we didn't need anything we didn't have and as it was only overnight we didn't need much anyway.  Was glad for the mossie net and a torch would have come in handy so I think I will buy another couple of windup ones and keep them with the camping stuff.

Monday, January 3, 2011

We're Doing An Overnighter.

Hubby's brother is down brom Broome for a bit and he was going to go from work tonight and visit with his family up at his other brothers place.  A phonecall from his boss last night has ended up with him having today and tomorrow off so he will now leave from here and I will go up with him.

We will take the cruiser, the swag, coffee making stuff.  We could stay in the house but it sounds like they'll have a few people there and this way will be more camp like and good practice for me.

They live up east of Collie, WA so it  is a couple of hours away and because we he now has to undo the work related stuff that he did yesterday we won't be leaving here until just after lunch.  We will have to be back here earlyish tomorrow for the dog and chickens but it will be a good overnighter.

Pity I haven't got all the stuff we'll need organised yet. 
What?  It's only been a few months so no,
HappyI haven't had plenty of time!