Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Clean.

I have had the van back since Thursday lunchtime but am only now getting around to cleaning it properly. 
But I think it will end up getting a good going over.
I have taken the back-seat out and I even  pulled the carpet out as I knew it would be pretty dusty underneath.  I was right, even found some money (55cents), a couple of screws and some bits of glass.
The seat is now scrubbed and sitting in the sun.  It has been sprayed with vinegar and I will get Hubby to help me put it back in when he gets home.  Hopefully it won't rain as it was bleedin' hard to get out and I don't think I'd be able to lift it back in by myself.
The mat has been scrubbed and had a high pressure hose-down and is hanging over the front gate to dry.  They both look good.
The curtains have been taken out and are in the washing machine as I type and the front seatcovers will be next.

I came in for breakfast but now need to go out and vacuum and dust the back of the van.  It will then get another wash but it is getting hot out there so that might be done his evening.

I will report back later.

Coffee Time!!  There must be an easier way, I have been out there for an hour and a half and still getting dirty water after I wash everything and rinse the cloths.  Off to do some blog reading  research.

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