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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

McAlinden Overnighter.

We had an OK stay up at the BiL's property on Monday night but I need to remember to take decent food when we visit these people.  There should be food in the tuckerbox for this type of situation but because I am so onorganised there wasn't.  So we had nothing to eat until pizza was offered at 9.30pm.  I had lunch before we left and took a couple of apples up with me but was feeling crook by 7.  Hubby had had nothing all day and was ready for bed but had to wait 'til after *tea*.  A tin of something in the car, or some sandwiches would have been better for us.

They thought us strange to be wanting to sleep in the car but that was our plan and no air-conditioned loungeroom with Foxtel was going to change our minds.  We took our shower and the port loo so we didn't need anything inside.  Next time we will go further away from the house so as to not be able to see it but it was OK where we were.  Maybe a bit too close to their dogs...
I was up at 4.45, went for a decent walk then back and made coffee on the little gas stove.  Had an apple and read for awhile until Hubby was up and there was movement over at the house.

Will put a photo here later.

We left around 10 and called into a place that we have been to once before and liked.  It is an old coalmine that has been flooded and is now used for swimming.  I didn't think that you were allowed to camp there but there were no signs and there were a couple of people there camping so it looks like it is allowed.  No facilities at all though so you would need to be self contained.  As we can be we may stay here on our next visit this way.
It is near Alanson and is called Black Diamond something.  Maybe BD pool.
Will put a photo here later.

We nearly left home without a billy for coffee making as it was in the bigger box and I was only taking the little one but luckily Hubby did my job for me and checked as he was loading.  That would have been sad if I didn't have something to heat water for my coffees.

I have a bag in the shed that should fit a stove and basic stuff for times like this so I should get it put together.  It will be able to be taken anywhere then.

Once again, I could/should have done things better but apart from food we didn't need anything we didn't have and as it was only overnight we didn't need much anyway.  Was glad for the mossie net and a torch would have come in handy so I think I will buy another couple of windup ones and keep them with the camping stuff.

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