Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, January 24, 2011

She's Working Fine.

I have had the van back for a few days and it starts anytime I want it to so I have been driving around town going places that I wouldn't usually go but using the *I need to see if it will start* excuse to drive to these places.
Lucky I have a full tank of diesel that didn't cost me anything. 

We did have a bad moment yesterday with the van.  Hubby had to weld the spare tyre holder thingo so I disconnected the battery beforehand but when he put everything back together again it wouldn't start.  Big BUGGER!! from me and as everything looked right we were a bit puzzled.

WE (alright, he) had also disconnected a long live lead that was once connected to a second battery so we thought it must have had something to do with that so he re connected that but still nothing.  He re-disconnected that, tried jumper leads but noticed there was no power then so he went back to the start and re-looked at the battery connections.  There were a few wires connected to this, some with tape around them, and he found one that had come loose but we hadn''t seen it because of the tape.  He fixed that and I must say I was so pleased when the van started.

I will go for a drive again tomorrow but I seem to be getting used to it and it drives well. 

I still haven't decide whether to put the back seat in again or leave it out for good and have the extra room.  Both choices have good points to them.  Until I decide it is hard to decide on a setup and what I can put where.

We are going away in it this coming weekend for an overnighter only but I still haven't put any gear together for it.  No bed yet so we will use the swag in it but I might get some idea on what I want.
I suppose as long as we have a bed and something to make coffee with we can't go too far wrong.  

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