Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, January 3, 2011

We're Doing An Overnighter.

Hubby's brother is down brom Broome for a bit and he was going to go from work tonight and visit with his family up at his other brothers place.  A phonecall from his boss last night has ended up with him having today and tomorrow off so he will now leave from here and I will go up with him.

We will take the cruiser, the swag, coffee making stuff.  We could stay in the house but it sounds like they'll have a few people there and this way will be more camp like and good practice for me.

They live up east of Collie, WA so it  is a couple of hours away and because we he now has to undo the work related stuff that he did yesterday we won't be leaving here until just after lunch.  We will have to be back here earlyish tomorrow for the dog and chickens but it will be a good overnighter.

Pity I haven't got all the stuff we'll need organised yet. 
What?  It's only been a few months so no,
HappyI haven't had plenty of time!       

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