Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maiden Wander.

We are back from Wanda's first real *adventure*  I drove the 1 1/2 hours up to McAlindan to the BiL's farm and parked in the area with all the other cars while we went in and joined the party. 
At bedtime I drove down his laneway to a quiet area near one of his dams.  Bush on one side, paddocks on the other.  I don't think my headlights are as good as they could be.  They work but Hubby said they should be brighter.  I don't plan on doing a lot of (none!) night driving but may have to get them looked at.
Drove down the lane and parked then had to prep for bed.  We had the swag down in the back so really it was only a matter of teeth cleaning and quick wipe-down and a spray with vinegar.  We'd been swimming earlier and it had been raining after that so we weren't dirty. 

I learned that if you have a light on in the van and leave the door open then months fly in.  You need to put a light outside to get them out again.  Lucky there were no mozzies as we hadn't set the netting up.

Had a good nights sleep, up and go for a walk, back to the van for coffee. 

Went exploring on the way back but didn''t find any good camping spots so came home.

The van worked good.  Hubby says it did good on the windy and hilly road up there and I was comfortable driving everywhere we went.  Even through the paddocks to get to a bigger dam for a swim.  I still need to learn about diesels but think I did alright even though my speed wasn't up to other cars.

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