Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nannup Markets.

Granddaughter was going to have a holiday at her aunties down in Nannup and the plan was for her to go down on Friday but I decided I'd take her down Saturday instead as the markets were on and I had been wanting to check them out for ages.  This was a good excuse to make sure I was there...on the day!!

As usual I was later leaving home than I planned and had to pick up a passenger on the way but we with no more stops we were in Nannup before 10.  Daughter L wasn't where we were supposed to meet her and when going to ring her I couldn't find my mobile...which I had plugged into the car charger but it wasn't there.  Looked all over the car for it then used Mum's phone to ring another daughter to ring my phone so I could follow the sound and find it...in my bag!!  Oops, that's right, I put it there when I got out of the car when I had stopped somewhere at the beginning of the trip.    Made the call, left a message and drove closer to the markets where the daughter L pulled up behind us.  She was running late and just happened to see us as she was driving to the original meeting spot!

The market area was busy, lots of stalls for the small area.  Fruit and veg, soaps and luffas, a couple of preserves stalls, a few handmade item stalls.  Others that I don't remember...

There were people there that had birds with them, sitting on their shoulder or just hanging about in trees.  These birds must be well loved because they were close to a road and heaps of people wandering around but the birds were not fussed at all and were quite happy to just sit and move around the trees and bushes there.

I love licorice!  I know, who doesn't, right.  So it was interesting to see a large range of assorted straps of all different flavours.  Not made locally which was a shame but still nice.

For the last couple of years I have tried to grow Luffas with no success but I am going to try again this year.  This stall was selling them and she grows them so there is no reason that they won't grow here so it is obviously something that I am doing wrong.  Some of  their soaps smelled lovely and I was tempted.  If she had of had one that smelled like chocolate then I would have bought a few bars of assorted but alas, no go.  I did ask and she says she used to make it but it wasn't a good seller so she doesn't anymore.  Shame.
But I have decided that I want to support them as a small business and so next time I am at these markets, if they are there, I will buy some of her soaps and maybe a luffa or two.  L did buy a few luffas and there were other buyers too but I wonder sometimes why I am so tight. Sometimes being tight and not wanting to spend has disadvantages too.  If we the people don't support crafters like these then it is likely they wont be around when we want a lovely homemade gift for someone.  And if we ever decide to do it ourselves how can we expect people to buy from us.  So I'm sorry I was too tight yesterday but wont be next time.

We taste tested some sauces and chutneys and bought a couple of bottles of the one we liked best.  Sweet Chilli Tomato Garlic Marinade it is called.  So nice!!  I will use it as a sauce and have it on everthing!  It was $6.00 which I think is a lot for probably 250ml of sauce but cheaper then the smaller bottle of sauce Husband bought in Denmark a while back. OK, daughter L bought this for me so big thanks to her but next time I will pay for my own.  Truly!

And there were lots of dogs.  It looked like it was a meeting place for people and their dogs but they, the dogs, were all on leads and none were barking so it wasn't anything to be concerned about.  When I had a (small) dog there was no way that I could have taken him to a place like this so I respect dog owners that have well behaved animals that are a joy to have in public places.

Op- Shop.
Nannup has a small op-shop, turn right after the bridge as you enter the town from the north...I have been in it a couple of times now.  When we had finished at the markets we walked down to the op-shop.  Lucky it wasn't this far or we'd still be on our way!
We bought quite a bit then had to carry it all back up to the shire office where the car was parked.  We bought books, of course!, a very pretty bone china mug, pillowslips, flannelette sheets, clothes, a recorder, jigsaw puzzle, a small pot for my van so I can pour the hot water a bit safer, camping magazines...I haven't read all the last lot from here yet but will do one day and now have more for when needed.  Grandaughter had her own money so bought herself a couple of things.  Op-shops are great places for children to spend their money, much better than the lolly shop.

Not far now...
A very preny entrance to Nannup Op-Shop.

Mum, there's a chicken cow in my garden, eating all my watermelons flowers.
 And these beautiful flowers are as you walk through the archway.

 These ones are in the main street, passed as we were going back with all our spoils.

 A great day and worth doing again.  If you are ever in the area when the markets are on stop and support the local people.  I know that next time I will.

The markets are fortnightly.  Yesterday was the 29th of September so the next ones should be on the 13th October then the 27th October.   I was wrong, I was corrected...Thanks Tiffany.