Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

When, Where, Here, There Then Here Again..

It's starting to feel real now, a week before we leave and I now have times that we are leaving, arriving, leaving and getting back again.
Thursday March 5th   Leaves Perth 11.40pm   I don't know what time we will need to get to the airport but presuming earlier than that and maybe even earlier again depending on how we get there from here.

Lands in Melbourne 6.15 am 6th March.  We have a stopover but think we just get to spend a couple of hours in an airport.  Might be interesting.

We then leave Melbourne 7.55am  Friday 6th and land in Hobart an hour or so later. 
Not sure what happens then, we will pick up our camper from somewhere and then ???   I think we need to get to Penguin that same day.
A week in Penguin then 2 weeks exploring a bit more of the island.
We leave Hobart on Friday 27th March, early afternoon and after a short flight we get back to Melbourne where we again spend some time in the airport before flying back to Perth then another 2 hours before we are home.  Me anyway.  The daughter wont get home for another day or so after that.

I find it funny that we will leave Melbourne at 5.05pm, fly for 4 or so hours but it will be only be 6ish when we get to Perth.  Yep, it doesn't take much to please me.




Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking To Tassie.

I've been going through my clothes again and it seems that no matter how many times I do this I still have too many.
But out of all that I have what will I need for 3 weeks away in Tasmania?  Dunno.

On the plane I will wear black stretchy trousers, shirt, jumper/cardigan.  Socks and black shoes.

I am thinking of these things to take but will go through the list again closer to the day.
1-2 Black trousers
1 Dark tracky dacks for sleeping and if it is cold.
3 TShirts
2-3Long sleeve shirts.  Can't find the one I usually wear.
8  Socks.
1 bra.
8 Undies.
1 Shoes.
Thongs or slip-ons.  Not sure about these yet.
2 Beanie.
1 Raincoat.
2 Gloves.
Jacket, maybe.  Will I need this if I have the raincoat?
Umbrella.  Fold-up one in my bag.
Swimming gear?  Thinking this will be needed if we get to the thermal pools.

I will also need to remember:
Camera, batteries and charger.
Phone and charger.
Notebook and pen for writing stuff down.
Flannels and a small towel.

I'm pretty sure this list will need to be amended as I go through trying to bag it all up over the next week.  What have I forgotten?

Tassie Countdown...16 Days to go...

And here we are near on 3 weeks later and my list is still a muddled mess in my head.  I have just over 2 weeks before we leave.   Maybe it's time to give things a bit more thought and at the very least decide what bags I will need and see if I have enough suitable clothing...Today I will get a carry-on bag organised.