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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking To Tassie.

I've been going through my clothes again and it seems that no matter how many times I do this I still have too many.
But out of all that I have what will I need for 3 weeks away in Tasmania?  Dunno.

On the plane I will wear black stretchy trousers, shirt, jumper/cardigan.  Socks and black shoes.

I am thinking of these things to take but will go through the list again closer to the day.
1-2 Black trousers
1 Dark tracky dacks for sleeping and if it is cold.
3 TShirts
2-3Long sleeve shirts.  Can't find the one I usually wear.
8  Socks.
1 bra.
8 Undies.
1 Shoes.
Thongs or slip-ons.  Not sure about these yet.
2 Beanie.
1 Raincoat.
2 Gloves.
Jacket, maybe.  Will I need this if I have the raincoat?
Umbrella.  Fold-up one in my bag.
Swimming gear?  Thinking this will be needed if we get to the thermal pools.

I will also need to remember:
Camera, batteries and charger.
Phone and charger.
Notebook and pen for writing stuff down.
Flannels and a small towel.

I'm pretty sure this list will need to be amended as I go through trying to bag it all up over the next week.  What have I forgotten?

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