Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mattress Is Covered.

Hubby was the foam cutter for the mattress but I was the one that had to do the covering...
The quilt cover that I bought to do the job was plenty big enough.  I basically just measured the foam, added the depth of the foam and cut in from the edge.  That meant I only had to sew up one side for the 2 bigger pieces and the 2 sides for the skinnier piece.  Too easy!

And here they are finished and on the bed.  They look good but that doesn't matter as once the bed is made up they won't be seen.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Window Covering.

I have finally made a couple of curtains for the back side windows of the van.

A long time ago, like nearly 10 years ago, I bought some material to make curtains for a daughters bedroom...well I never got around to doing that (sorry L.), a couple of years ago I rescued this material from another daughter (bad T,) trying to dump it and kept it here in a bag under my bed until a few weeks ago.  I love the material, red with silver stars and I knew I needed it and would use it.  Sometime.

The time came this week when I spread it out on the shed floor, measured the windows, spent a couple of coffees time thinking about how to make these curtains and finally just did them.  They are not *proper* curtains, they were gonna be too complicated and I am not a sewer so I measured from top to bottom, doubled it over, sewed together and threaded through some elastic wire that I have hooked into the van.

Looking inside from the back door.
View from outside.

The double material is better as the material is thinnish and as a singe layer could be seen though from outside.  By doubling it over it adds privacy, keeps out a bit more sun and was easy to do.

Bug Screens.
I have also been needing to make some bug screens for the front windows and last night I finally got around to doing those.  I spend more time worrying about how do to something *right* than just doing it and getting something up...
I was looking at something called "window sox" that kept out the sun and the bugs but they were more than $50 each, for ones to fit smaller windows but I liked the idea...and a few years ago we bought some old curtains from an op-shop to use in a trucks windows to keep out mozzies...so...the idea was planted.

A while ago I measured the windows, up and over then around the door...but the door was an angle, a lot narrower at the top than down lower and how far did I need to come down anyway and it all seemed too complicated so the making was put off for a couple of weeks...

Yesterday, I had the old net curtains out , the machine was still out...I measured again, up and over and around.  Folded the netting over at 27 inches and cut it the length of the curtain.  Which was a few inches longer than I needed for both but I was not bothering anymore and it would just mean that it would be a looser fit and I just wanted it done.   Cut that down the middle, sewed the edges of them both, hemmed them then threaded elastic through the bottom and I have 2 net screens for the front windows that stay on when the door is opened.  I like them.
Door is open.

Drivers door, shut.

They are not as neat looking as the bought ones and wont keep the sun out but they will do the job.  This corner piece is what I was worried about , that it might *ruin* the whole thing.   It doesn't.  They work good, look OK but most important...They are done!!

Why do I waste so much time worrying instead of just getting in and doing...sigh...

And...while I was wondering about covering windows...I cut up some cardboard, painted it black and will use that in a couple of windows where I don't have a curtain and can't easily put one now as the shelves are in.  This will work OK and will keep the sun out.  I may eventually make some for all the windows if I think I will need them next Summer. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sleeping In The Van.

The bed in the van is comfortable.  If anything, maybe a firmer piece of foam but that will be easy enough to change down the track if needed.

It was scarey out there by myself... The noises were frequent and unexplainable...
I didn't go out until nearly 11pm and it was scarey just getting to the van.  I had a small torch but it was pretty dark and the dog had been barking not long beforehand...But I climbed in, locked all the doors and climbed into bed.  Then my heart started going faster and I started thinking stupid things and it took a long while to calm down again.  But I wasn't going to get out again because, well, it was scarey...
I woke up twice with a pounding heart and not knowing what had woken me.  It was probably just the chooks making noises but I'm sure that something was near the van.  After I convinced myself that it was a bandicoot or a fox then I was ok and able to relax back into sleep.

So I was thinking...what would I do anyway if something was outside.  Or someone...
Well no animal here is going to hurt me too much, it's not like we have bears or tigers so no need to worry about that and a person would have to be pretty game to go poking around someones car not knowing who was inside, right?  But IF someone tried to break in, and why would they, what could I do.

Not a lot.  I could scream bloody blue murder, maybe get to the horn and lean on it to get someones attention.  But if you are away from people or your *rescuer* really isn't...Any weapon I had would be used against me...Chances of the mobile working would be slim...

I was thinking that if I kept a can of flyspray handy I might be able to use that but then what...it's not like I could run anywhere...A touchup can of spraypaint would mean that the *attacker* was noticeable afterwards so even if I was unable to get away they would be easily noticeable.  Does that sounds like a good plan? 
Most  people I know and have talked to about this assume nothing bad is going to happen, why would it.  Some others think that yes, bad things will happen and I shouldn't even be thinking of going anywhere by myself...
I think that it might, could...probably wont but what if it did.  And until I have a plan in place for that I can't relax.  So a plan will be in place before I go off anywhere...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

She's Home.

I have *Wanda* back.  Safe and sound from the learner driver.  Lucky!!

I have been in and out of her all day and she is looking good.  Curtains are coming together and the foam mattress' are covered.

I still can't work out what I need though.  Come on...How hard can it be. 
Run through a day and night and gather the stuff you need and put it in the van...it's not rocket science.  But I can't seem to get it done.  My head is not working or something.  I *know* what I need but can't seem to process the thoughts and put it into action. 

yeah, lets go off somewhere by myself...  Not Sure

But that's negative thinking and I need positive...

Curtains look good, bed looks good...and tomorrow I will be able to tell you how comfortable it is...

And tomorrow I WILL get stuff in there.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing In Action.

I was coming home last night, heading South toward home and there was a cool looking van coming towards me.  MY VAN.  And I wasn't driving it.  How rude!

It has been missing in action, on and off,  for quite a while now while the daughter is learning to drive.
I know, how scarey.
Anyway she has now officially passed the test so I can get it back and load her up. 

Daughter still needs to get 25 hours of driving in but she can use the other car for that.
She prefers Wanda though and I can't blame her, she is easy to drive.
And cool looking...

Monday, March 21, 2011


I have lost a page.  The one I had titled "The Journey Starts Here" 
It is gone and when I go to *edit pages*  it is a blank page.
I have no idea what I have done, if anything, I don't know if I can get it back...
Have I deleted it somehow?  
Is it gone forever and I need to start again...


I will asked someone that knows computers if he can find it for me otherwise I will need to start again. 

HoHum...such is life...Maybe I need to make a copy of things...

Sunday, March 20, 2011


We've been working on some cupboards over the last few days and they seem to be coming together nicely, as planned.  That could be because there is no plan...it could be because we are clever...either way, there was no plan and they are coming together nicely.

The idea was to have a bench type thing that I could use a small stove on for heating water or food in the van if I needed to.  Some shelves to keep stuff on.  Something that didn't take up too much room.  Didn't cost a lot to make.

We had some bee boxes, a couple of old speakers, some leftover shelving...Put it all together and I have a setup that will do the job I want it to.

Take it out of the van and give it couple of coats of paint...Talk nice to Hubby a bit more so he will put it back in the van and make it secure for me.

I think it looks good.
Left is looking from front drivers side and right is looking in from the back.
We can add shelves later if I want some but it does work as is.

I will give it a couple of days to allow the paint to set before I put stuff on it.  That will give me a couple of days to work out what the stuff I want to put on it is...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leg or Arm?

Hubby has been busy and today he made up a corner leg for the bed, the final bit for it.


When the extension frame is pulled out the frame sits on a part of the shelving but the corner near the front needed a bit of extra suport.  The leg he made slides into the framework and is strong enough to suport that part of the bed.

 We remove the leg when the bedframe is back under the main bed but I wanted somewhere to keep the leg when it wasn't being used as a leg that was easy to remember and within easy reach


As it happened I  also needed something to keep the loo from sliding forward if I happed to drive a bit less than smoothly.  Hubby gave it a bit of thought, welded a bit of the square tubing to a saddle clamp and screwed that to the bedframe and there you go...An arm to keep the toilet secure.  It doesn't impede the use of the bed or the loo and it is either in one place or the other so wont get misplaced.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Found Some.

Well I found some material, not exactly what I wanted but I think it will look OK.  I need to figure out how to make the covers, in an easy way as I am not a sewer and complicated will do me in.

The material is a big quilt cover so should be plenty to work with. 
One side is white with big black flowers and the other is black with white specks through it.  I'm thinking I'll make the covers reversible as well.

It cost $3 for the cover and a sheet, not a set, that I will also use in the van.  I couldn't buy material anywhere for that price so very pleased with the cost.

"On My Mind" is Mattress Covering.

I've been reading the Down To Earth blog this morning and as it's Friday she does a "what's on my mind" post so I thought that as I've been thinking of this all week that I'd join in with this one today.

I need to go into town today and check out the op-shop.  I'll even ride the bike in so I can write about it on my other blog...
I will be looking for some sheets, curtains, material...something suitable to cover the mattress that Hubby has sliced into 2 for the van.

 They WILL BE covered this weekend!!  I do have some spare sheets here that I could use, and will if need be but I was thinking something red or grey or black...the main colours that the van will be inside.
The bed will be covered anyway but if I can find something red to cover the foam that would be better I think.

A set of red sheets would be the perfect thing but what are the chances of that.  Though I do have 1 red sheet here so even 1 from today would make the pair so that would work too.

I *know* I have some stretchy grey material that would be just the thing but as I haven't seen it for a few years and it could even be at the other house I figure that it would take too long to find even if it is still around. 

So...garden and chook stuff until 9 then ride into town, op-shop vist, ride home again, clear off the table so I have room to start....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bed Making.

 Hubby has made our bed.  There's a first time for everything aye?

I think he's done a great job.  He has made it from box tubing
Looking good.
Getting the leg length right.

He has cut the mattress down the middle to make 2 thinner ones.
It is now my job to find some material to cover both pieces, separately.
I will use them both when it is just me but when he comes with me we will have 1 each.

More photos...Sorry, this page is *lost* but I want to leave the link here for a while.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toilet Bag.

Not a bag for toiletries but a bag for the actual loo.
In this case a Portapotti that I want to have in the van.
It will have a cushion on top so won't even be seen as a toilet.  I know a couple of people that are a bit iffy about me having a toilet in the van and this may take away the focus of it as *a toilet*

So far I have the bag made, it has straps so it can be lifted and shifted if it needs to be.  Like in the case of someone needing access to the battery or there are 2 of us and we want it outside the van in it's own tent.

Sitting in the shed waiting for it's cover.

In the van.  No cushion yet but it's coming.
A quick flick and it's ready to go.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Making Curtains.

 This weekend I have been working on what to do about the windows in the van

I wanted something to block off the back of the van from the front so made a privacy curtain to go across.  For this I used one of some blankets that were given to me.  It works good and looks OK.  I still need to put some velcro to close off the sides completely and will eventually make some pockets for it as well.

I've also made a curtain to go on the back window out of the other half of this blanket.  I need to work out how to get it to stay up though as I broke one of the hooks that are there.  Hubby will have an idea otherwise I will need to go buy some more hooks.  Then be more careful!

I am in the process of making some bug curtains.  I need a couple for the front windows, one for the sliding door and I need to work out how to connect the one I have made for the back liftup door. 

 This is the start of the sliding door netting.   I need to decide on a good length for it and somehow weight the bottom so it stays against the van and keeps the bugs out.  It works as it is but needs some of the bottom cut off.

I hope to get them all finished as the goal for March.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Van Was Stolen...

Not Really but it is gone, has been all week and I don't know when it will be returned.
Daughter L has borrowed it to practice her driving.  She is on her L's and will be going for her test in a couple of weeks time.  That's when I might get it back.  Or when I am ready to work on it.  Whatever comes first.

In the mean time nothing is getting done with it or for it. 
Nothing was getting done with it when it was here but that's not the point.

There is still stuff I could be doing.  Like getting gear together.  Yep, I still haven't done that.

I bought some plates and bowls for it and want to sew a bag to keep them in to protect them...I have the material here...have had the stuff for it all week but no...Sewing machine is here on the floor waiting to be put to use...Still haven't started.

But I'm going to.  This weekend...Really...

Now it's out there and this weekend I will:
Get the bag made.
Finish getting a tub filled with stuff I will need.
Find something to use as a cover for the mattress.