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Monday, March 28, 2011

Window Covering.

I have finally made a couple of curtains for the back side windows of the van.

A long time ago, like nearly 10 years ago, I bought some material to make curtains for a daughters bedroom...well I never got around to doing that (sorry L.), a couple of years ago I rescued this material from another daughter (bad T,) trying to dump it and kept it here in a bag under my bed until a few weeks ago.  I love the material, red with silver stars and I knew I needed it and would use it.  Sometime.

The time came this week when I spread it out on the shed floor, measured the windows, spent a couple of coffees time thinking about how to make these curtains and finally just did them.  They are not *proper* curtains, they were gonna be too complicated and I am not a sewer so I measured from top to bottom, doubled it over, sewed together and threaded through some elastic wire that I have hooked into the van.

Looking inside from the back door.
View from outside.

The double material is better as the material is thinnish and as a singe layer could be seen though from outside.  By doubling it over it adds privacy, keeps out a bit more sun and was easy to do.

Bug Screens.
I have also been needing to make some bug screens for the front windows and last night I finally got around to doing those.  I spend more time worrying about how do to something *right* than just doing it and getting something up...
I was looking at something called "window sox" that kept out the sun and the bugs but they were more than $50 each, for ones to fit smaller windows but I liked the idea...and a few years ago we bought some old curtains from an op-shop to use in a trucks windows to keep out mozzies...so...the idea was planted.

A while ago I measured the windows, up and over then around the door...but the door was an angle, a lot narrower at the top than down lower and how far did I need to come down anyway and it all seemed too complicated so the making was put off for a couple of weeks...

Yesterday, I had the old net curtains out , the machine was still out...I measured again, up and over and around.  Folded the netting over at 27 inches and cut it the length of the curtain.  Which was a few inches longer than I needed for both but I was not bothering anymore and it would just mean that it would be a looser fit and I just wanted it done.   Cut that down the middle, sewed the edges of them both, hemmed them then threaded elastic through the bottom and I have 2 net screens for the front windows that stay on when the door is opened.  I like them.
Door is open.

Drivers door, shut.

They are not as neat looking as the bought ones and wont keep the sun out but they will do the job.  This corner piece is what I was worried about , that it might *ruin* the whole thing.   It doesn't.  They work good, look OK but most important...They are done!!

Why do I waste so much time worrying instead of just getting in and doing...sigh...

And...while I was wondering about covering windows...I cut up some cardboard, painted it black and will use that in a couple of windows where I don't have a curtain and can't easily put one now as the shelves are in.  This will work OK and will keep the sun out.  I may eventually make some for all the windows if I think I will need them next Summer. 

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