Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leg or Arm?

Hubby has been busy and today he made up a corner leg for the bed, the final bit for it.


When the extension frame is pulled out the frame sits on a part of the shelving but the corner near the front needed a bit of extra suport.  The leg he made slides into the framework and is strong enough to suport that part of the bed.

 We remove the leg when the bedframe is back under the main bed but I wanted somewhere to keep the leg when it wasn't being used as a leg that was easy to remember and within easy reach


As it happened I  also needed something to keep the loo from sliding forward if I happed to drive a bit less than smoothly.  Hubby gave it a bit of thought, welded a bit of the square tubing to a saddle clamp and screwed that to the bedframe and there you go...An arm to keep the toilet secure.  It doesn't impede the use of the bed or the loo and it is either in one place or the other so wont get misplaced.

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