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Friday, March 18, 2011

"On My Mind" is Mattress Covering.

I've been reading the Down To Earth blog this morning and as it's Friday she does a "what's on my mind" post so I thought that as I've been thinking of this all week that I'd join in with this one today.

I need to go into town today and check out the op-shop.  I'll even ride the bike in so I can write about it on my other blog...
I will be looking for some sheets, curtains, material...something suitable to cover the mattress that Hubby has sliced into 2 for the van.

 They WILL BE covered this weekend!!  I do have some spare sheets here that I could use, and will if need be but I was thinking something red or grey or black...the main colours that the van will be inside.
The bed will be covered anyway but if I can find something red to cover the foam that would be better I think.

A set of red sheets would be the perfect thing but what are the chances of that.  Though I do have 1 red sheet here so even 1 from today would make the pair so that would work too.

I *know* I have some stretchy grey material that would be just the thing but as I haven't seen it for a few years and it could even be at the other house I figure that it would take too long to find even if it is still around. 

So...garden and chook stuff until 9 then ride into town, op-shop vist, ride home again, clear off the table so I have room to start....

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