Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Van Was Stolen...

Not Really but it is gone, has been all week and I don't know when it will be returned.
Daughter L has borrowed it to practice her driving.  She is on her L's and will be going for her test in a couple of weeks time.  That's when I might get it back.  Or when I am ready to work on it.  Whatever comes first.

In the mean time nothing is getting done with it or for it. 
Nothing was getting done with it when it was here but that's not the point.

There is still stuff I could be doing.  Like getting gear together.  Yep, I still haven't done that.

I bought some plates and bowls for it and want to sew a bag to keep them in to protect them...I have the material here...have had the stuff for it all week but no...Sewing machine is here on the floor waiting to be put to use...Still haven't started.

But I'm going to.  This weekend...Really...

Now it's out there and this weekend I will:
Get the bag made.
Finish getting a tub filled with stuff I will need.
Find something to use as a cover for the mattress.

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