Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Camping

It's Easter so lots of people will be off for their long weekend away.  If you are one of them then please drive carefully, there are idiots out there driving on the same roads as you but sometimes being stressed and tired makes you do the same stupid things.

We are not going away.  Husband will be away with work but we don't go away during peak times unless we really need to.  Too many people for us.  We are selfish smart and like to have the places we go all to ourselves so go when most other people are likely to not be there.  Of course with some of the great places that we have here in Western Australia that is not always possible.  Sometimes there are people in the most unlikely places and they are probably people like us that went there at that time thinking that no-one else would be around!  I'm starting to think that with all the people travelling as a lifestyle now that there will always be people where we go and if we get the place to ourselves for a night then that is a bonus.

School holidays are another time that we will not go anywhere.  Too many kids, too much noise...Not for us anymore though many years ago we were probably the type of people that we now try to avoid.

If you are out and about though, take care.  Look after yourselves, look after the bush, look after the places that you visit.  You need to do all that so that in the future you and those places will still be around.

Have a good one People!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Have Mice!

In the house and in the van.  How rude!!

The ones in the house are slowly being removed.  The one? in the van is there because I was a bad van keeper and left some food in there.  The cold and hungry little mousey must have thought I did it for him.  I didn't!  I was just too damn lazy to pack things away properly. 

I also have a flat battery in the van...well it is not in the van now it is here at the house...I had it connected to a charger but I don't know if it worked or not.  I haven't used this charger before and there is no light to show if it is working or not.  And the dial thing seemed to read lower after a couple of hours...I will carry the heavy thing out and reconnect it soon, when the rain stops, and if it doesn't start I will have to connect it to the other car and try and get it going that way.  At the moment it is parked out the front near the road and I need to get it back into the yard so it can be cleaned out and repacked ready to use.

I really need to get better at this camper looking after stuff.  More camps so that the van gets a decent run regularly, put stuff away, clean up properly after use, get ready for next trip so I can just up and go...all the stuff that should be, and probably is, done by good little camper owners everywhere.