Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Camping

It's Easter so lots of people will be off for their long weekend away.  If you are one of them then please drive carefully, there are idiots out there driving on the same roads as you but sometimes being stressed and tired makes you do the same stupid things.

We are not going away.  Husband will be away with work but we don't go away during peak times unless we really need to.  Too many people for us.  We are selfish smart and like to have the places we go all to ourselves so go when most other people are likely to not be there.  Of course with some of the great places that we have here in Western Australia that is not always possible.  Sometimes there are people in the most unlikely places and they are probably people like us that went there at that time thinking that no-one else would be around!  I'm starting to think that with all the people travelling as a lifestyle now that there will always be people where we go and if we get the place to ourselves for a night then that is a bonus.

School holidays are another time that we will not go anywhere.  Too many kids, too much noise...Not for us anymore though many years ago we were probably the type of people that we now try to avoid.

If you are out and about though, take care.  Look after yourselves, look after the bush, look after the places that you visit.  You need to do all that so that in the future you and those places will still be around.

Have a good one People!


  1. Perfect! we, too, always choose times when kids are in school to travel...especially on busy inter provincial highways...oh, man...the sheer numbers and the big motorhomes...yikes.... terrible.

    We went to Portugal during March and it was like we were the only tourists in some areas.... loved it. We actually got great photos of huge cathedrals... with no people in them but us... and beaches ...nobody but us again.... amazing....
    Selfish and smart say I.... the only way to travel and enjoy it.

  2. This blog is giving me seriously itchy feet!