Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Around Australia on a Scooter.

I have just read about a women from WA that has ridden around Australia on a 50cc scooter.  By herself, 60plus years old, camping in a tent...    And here I am too flippin' scared to drive a few hours to New Norcia and camp the night in a van.
She went through big cities on a small scooter, how brave is that.  I won't go on a freeway that is not too bad outside peaktimes, turn 2 corners, at lights, go slow up a hill...How SookyLaLa is that!

It got me thinking though and if I ever when I get my van back I am going places.  Might only be close to home but I am definitely going to go.  I have picked out the first area that I will explore and over 4 or 5 trips I should have it all covered.  There are some Geocaches on the way and probably in the area as well so if I can work out how to use our GPS I could look for them too.

Just need to get me van back now...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soon. Within A Week or Two...

Went visiting Wanda the daughter on the weekend and while there spoke to her, the daughter, about the van.  She is hoping to have her van back on the road within a week or two so that means I will get mine back.  Within a week or two. 
I miss her (daughter and Wanda) and have seen some nice little towns on the way to and back from the daughters place that I think are worth a better look.  Next time I visit the daughter I will be able to stop off at the towns of Nannup and Kirup and explore the area a bit more.

The weather is starting to warm up and though the mornings are cold it will be good to get out adventuring some more.