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Monday, September 26, 2011

Around Australia on a Scooter.

I have just read about a women from WA that has ridden around Australia on a 50cc scooter.  By herself, 60plus years old, camping in a tent...    And here I am too flippin' scared to drive a few hours to New Norcia and camp the night in a van.
She went through big cities on a small scooter, how brave is that.  I won't go on a freeway that is not too bad outside peaktimes, turn 2 corners, at lights, go slow up a hill...How SookyLaLa is that!

It got me thinking though and if I ever when I get my van back I am going places.  Might only be close to home but I am definitely going to go.  I have picked out the first area that I will explore and over 4 or 5 trips I should have it all covered.  There are some Geocaches on the way and probably in the area as well so if I can work out how to use our GPS I could look for them too.

Just need to get me van back now...

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  1. What a feat that would have been, travelling around Australia on a scooter...I have heard of other women (whose husbands have passed away)still living the dream by travelling around by themselves. I have a "single" friend that is wanting to do this too. She is sick and time is running out for her :)

    Sometimes we over analyse things, I know I do and put things off because of it.

    Just do it and enjoy :)