Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Converted Bus That Wasn't.

We had lunch at a sisters place yesterday and they had some friends there that have a campervan/motor home thing.

I had heard about this bus that these people had bought and converted and had in my head a picture of a...well, converted bus.  Well let me tell you, this was no *in my head converted bus* this was luxury on wheels, a motor home to beat all moter homes.  This bus was better decked out than my little house.  And nearly as big!

They bought the bus intending to convert it themselves but didn't have enough time so got people to do it for them.  Custom designed, it took 2 years to complete.

They intend "doing the block" in it, in stages next year.

Now while this thing was very impressive it is definitely not what I want.   I liked it but was not envious at all.  Maybe a little shocked at the thought of the cost to own and run such a machine.

As they say though, "it takes all kinds" and I am still looking for a small van that I can camp in.

I will up the looking next year but in the mean time must play the nice wifey thing and get Hubby to take me somewhere.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Race Is On.

Daughter L is a Hippie (hippy?) that doesn't like cars and hasn't wanted to learn how to drive
Until recently.
She now has her Learners and I heard her say that she is looking for a van.  For her to buy. What!
Not before me you don't Little Miss.

I don't think she wants hers for camping though so it may be OK.  I *think* she wants to live in hers so if she finds one before me I will just smile.  And borrow it.  With her van and her dog I'd be off like a shot.

So you go Girl.  Find us that van.