Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Something To Write About.

Soon I will have an adventure to write about.  How cool will that be.  Pretty damn cool from where I am standing.  Maybe I better pack a jumper...Ha!  I just looked at the weather for down there so maybe I shouldn't joke too much.  Maybe rain and maybe jumper wearing temps.  Oh well, it will still be fun.

I have been wanting a trip up to Muckinbudin for months, sadly, due to time restraints that is not where we are going and it's about time I stopped sooking about it.

Hamlin Bay to see the stingrays and maybe a night at Alexandra Bridge too is what we will be doing so that will be OK.  At least we're going somewhere. 

I am off to sort out the tucker box and other stuff as, again sadly, nothing has been used since June last year when we went to Shark Bay.   And I notice I haven't finished writing about what we did there yet so maybe I should get up to date with that before I whinge too much about not having things to blog about.  Yep, I'll get right on to that when we get back.  Or early next week.

In the meantime I hope others are out exploring and adventuring.  I know some of you are and I'm happy to say that this week I will be too.