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Friday, May 11, 2012

Lane Poole Reserve. Day Trip.

I haven't used the van for quite a while and that is not good.   Other people have used it for adventures more often than I have but not for a week or so and as it needs a decent run more often than it gets just to keep the battery charged I thought that I'd go off on an adventure.  So I did.

I drove up to Lane Poole Reserve with the intention of going for a decent walk while I was up there.
I had called DEC during the week to see if the bottom gate would be open and was pleased to hear that it would be as that would save me a bit of a drive up to the main entry startion and the drive through the reserve to where I wanted to be.   I had told the husband that I would be going to Nanga Mill so figured I better not change location, just in case something went wrong and he needed to find me.
So I drove in, find a nice looking spot and pulled up ready for a coffee.

This gate is closed from Friday afternoon until Sunday so anyone intendng to come up Nanga Road needs to get there before 3 or drive  up to the entry station.

First things first though so on arriving and parking in a nice quiet spot it was coffee time.

This was the view I had while drinking it.  There was more trees and bush if I looked the other way but there were council workers and a truck and tractor over there so I settled for this.

After that a 15 minute walk up to Stringers campside,

                                                                 a longer walk back
                                                  and an hour or so later it was time for lunch.
After lunch I planned on doing the walk that I originally came up here for and that was the Churdich trail to Nanga.  It was only a short trial and I have done it before but once again I couldn't see any markers and I only think I took the right one.  It got me to where I wanted to be so figured I had it right.
I came back via the road as the track was wet and slippery and my foot was starting to hurt, my legs were sore...I'm a sook...I was so glad to get back to the van and be able to make another coffee.

I am trying to get fitter and I think I will come up here more often just to walk through the bush.  It's a lot nicer than walking along a hard road  to the corner and back.

I saw these signs while up there and it looks like you now have to book to use some of the camping areas up here.  I didn't know that but as yet there are no bookings needed for where I was so next time if I decide to stay I can without worrying.   Mind you, this whole area is very popular and it does get very busy during holidays so this might not be a bad idea.   There were 2 vans up at Stringers and that has 6 camping bays and this was during the week so I can see how booking will ensure you get where you want to be.

We will never be staying up there during any holidays though so I can't see having to book affecting us too much. 
Lane Poole Reserve is a lovely area, there is bushwalking, fishing in season, swimming, canoeing, relaxing...heaps to do and something to suit everyone.  Camping fees do apply.   There are a few more toilets than the last time we were up there, some wheelchair accessable, no showers but cool water to rinse off in. 

 I think I will need to come back again.   I have no idea why we don't take advantage of it and visit more often.  And who knows, I may even see this little guy again.  That would be pretty cool.


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  1. Hi Barb, am so glad I'm taking more time to get around to everyones' blog - I've been missing so much on yours!
    Lane Poole Reserve certainly does look like a lovely spot to camp. Beaut that no bookings are needed. Lovely birdlife too. It's always nice to find a new place for bush walks.
    Cheerio for now, will be back soon for another visit :D)