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Friday, May 25, 2012

Harvey Dam.

Last Wednesday I had a to go to Harvey and after my appointment there we went up to have a look at Harvey Dam.  It's been quite a few years since I was last here and me and a daughter and her daughter took a picnic and planned to get a bit of exercise in while there.

When we arrived we parked near the playground and went for a wander looking for a place to eat.  Grandaughter found the place she liked so we set up our little station, had some food, then after lunch it was time to explore the area a bit.

Follow the path, pass a lovely grassed area where there is a a barbecue and a table and seats overlooking some water.  Onto a wooden bridge
                                                         and a look at some friendly ducks.

Over the bridge and along the path knowing that somewhere up ahead you would find the steps you came to climb.

 And there they are.  It looks like there is a lot and it looks a long way up.

 There were, it was.  I think there were too scarey for *someone* as they chose to climb up the rocks instead.  Naughty naughty. (but we didn't know that until a long time later when we found a sign saying not to. Oops!)

Once up on the top of the dam wall we could see where we had come from and where we had to get back to.

This is a lovey area for a picnic and a wander around.  If you are nearby I think it's worth the few km drive from Harvey to have a bit of an explore.

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