Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

OK, I put the new battery in.  It still doesn't start as quick as it should when it is early and cold.  I have booked it in to the garage to be checked over as I have lots of adventuring to do over the next month.

I really should have done this a couple of weeks ago but as usual I left it til too late and now my big adventures will be put off for a couple of days.  I also need to go get diesel from somewhere, that's a bit of a shock.  I usually sweet talk the husband into filling it up.  I need chookfood before I go though so will combine the two.

It's going to be cold! where I will be so might throw another blanket in before I leave.

I will let you all know all about my adventures if when they happen.  In the meantime I am off for the weekend but the main one starts soon.  Stay tuned!

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