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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Cross. Van Won't Start. Mechanic No Show.

I had the van in getting the starter moter *fixed* the other day.  I wanted a new one but the mechanic said that he'd look at it and might be able to get away without needing a new one.  So I pay him some money, get the van back and on Saturday when I go to start it it won't start.  So cross but Hubby banged the SM, shook the car a bit and it started.  Went where I was going and it started the couple of times I needed it to but yesterday I wanted to use it again and again it wouldn't start.  Rang the guy and he said that he'd be out to look at it but he didn't show all day so I will call him again later. 
I will not be impressed if he wants me to pay more.

Wow, talk of the devil...He is here now...

He tried starting it, got it going by putting it on a battery but says that it sounds like the SM still so he will need to order a new one in, can I bring the van in tomorrow...

It's a bloody nuisance as I was wanting to use it to go away this week while Hubby had a few days off but will now have to wait a couple of weeks longer.  Unless I went by myself...which I am too scared to do until we have been out and used it a few times to sort out any *issues*.   Like this one!

Probably just as well, I still haven't got any gear for it organised so will add that to todays list.

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