Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Find It, Pack It.

So in anticipation of the overnighter coming up this Saturday I am, have been, will be, out trying to get things together.
We are going up to McAlinden again, this time for a 50th birthday party so we shouldn't need to take food but I will take an esky *just in case*   I don't eat the sort of foods that they usually serve so I will need snacks and breakfast at least.  And my own coffee making facilities because we will be sleeping in the car and I get up earlier than everyone else.

I need a list of what to take I think, then I need ways of packing it in the back.  Boxes of some sort?
For this one nighter I will put the swag in on the floor and pack the other stuff around that.  I won't need much  as we won't be needing a shower and we will use their toilet/bathroom.
Swag.  Sorted.
Stove.  We seem to be missing one of these so I have pinched  borrowed one we use with the cruiser.  There is a cigarette lighter with it but I will put some matches in there as well.  (this is actually what I came inside to get. Oops! lol)  Just thought, these are automatic ignition so probably don't need matches but I have them now so they are in and may come in handy later.  Done.
Coffee stuff.  Coffee, tea, sugar, milk...Need to find some jars to put some in to take.
Cups and plates. cutlery.  I want a box or bag that I can keep these in together.  Can't decide what though.
Esky.  I need to decide what one I want to keep for the van and make sure it is clean.
Lighting.  Torch.  Hubby's solar light?

I'm thinking that a mat of some sort will be good for stopping a lot of dirt getting in the back but I haven't got one.  Maybe a small piece of carpet?

What else will I need?  I'm having problems thinking and it's only for overnight.  How will I manage to get ready for a few days!


  1. Hi,
    Bec from Frugal Aussies here!
    I used to put all my plates, cutlery and tea towels in a little plastic box... you can then use this box for washing up! And it's easy enough to move around... keeps things dust proof!
    Hope this helps :)

  2. Hi Bec, thanks for coming and reading me.
    Yes, that does help. I need all the ideas that I can get, so thanks.