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Monday, July 5, 2010

Choosing A Camping Car. More thoughts.

We have narrowed the choice of car down to an automatic van of some sort.  Probably 4x4 but as I won't be using that feature that part is still being discussed.
Hubby thinks diesel would be better than unleaded and as his car is diesel and I could *milk* that if I needed to then diesel suits me.  I don't know enough about fuel issues so going on his thoughts on this are OK .

I need to look for ...
Automatic van.
Diesel fuel.
Roo bar.  We could add this ourselves.
Power steering.

I am wondering if I will sell my car so would need this as an everyday car as well.  In that case I would need a van with a seat in the back for passengers. Not a common thing but it does happen.  I am happy to pay licence and insurance on another car though so not a big deal.

Am I looking forward to my first solo getaway?  I think so but I think that if I leave it too long then it won't happen at all so I'd like to get the vehicle before the end of this year.  That gives me 6 months but at least I have some idea what to look for now.

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