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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grrrr At Me.... But You Gotta Laugh.

Hubby has been saying for weeks that we will go up to Kokerbin Rock pretty soon, on one of his breaks.  I say great as long as it's not raining...I have been wanting to go to this place for a few years now.

I have had weeks to get ready.  Late yesterday afternoon he came home, says plans have changed, we'll go tomorrow!  
But I'm not ready!  Maybe a little bit but I still have no list, I still don't know what to take.  I don't know how to *camp cook*  What do you eat when you are out bush anyway?  Will we be cooking on a campfire or those little butane burner things...
I thought we were just going  for 1 night but he say 2 maybe 3...What will I need for 3 nights?!

I have been reading blogs and websites about camping and looking forward to finally going to Kokerbin.
I should have been writing out a list and working out what I want to take.  I probably should have some idea about what food to take and made sure that I have enough ice for the esky.  I should have checked that we have an esky here as I think son has one of ours and a daughter has the other one.  I know that same daughter has our big torch...I should have been getting fit so I can climb this rock.  I should have been learning how to use the GPS so we can go Geocaching.   I should have checked that the camera batteries were charged...

So it's 5.30am and I am having a coffee.  We will leave this morning sometime when we have thrown a few things together.

It will be cold.  It will be cold but fun!  See you when we get back.

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