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Monday, July 19, 2010

Choosing A Camping Car. More Thoughts. Again.

We were kinda thinking about going to Tasmania in 2012 and hiring a camper van when there to explore the place.
My wanting a camper van and getting it set up so I/we can just get in and go has started us thinking about driving over and driving our own van around Tassie..  Hubby says he would want something bigger than what I want though so we are now trying to work out what would be better there.

1.  Do I get my small van and use it for my solo trips but we use his Cruiser when we both go somewhere.
2.  We buy a bigger camper for the Tassie Trip and sell it when we get back.
3.  We buy a bigger camper van to start with and I use that instead of a small one.  
4.  We hire when we get to Tassie.

1.  This is what I want to happen and if it happens by the end of this year then all the better.
2.  This would probably be an expensive option but it would be easier if we had everything we needed with us all the time.
3.  I'm not really happy with option 3 as I don't like bigger cars.  I think it would stop me going off by myself.
4.  Hiring as an option would mean flying over east, getting the ferry over to Tassie, picking up the hire van that may not have what we want in it, worrying about crashing and insurance on someone else's car...

It doesn't sound like I am too keen on option 4. does it?  Option 3 isn't what I want either.

Hubby suggested that we go up to Perth this week and have a look at some camper vans so as to get an idea on size and setups.  A great idea.  But then he goes to work and we can't.  How rude!

He thinks we should get something already set up but I quite like the idea of buying a van and setting it up ourselves.  That way we can do it the way we (I) want.   Trouble there is that he knows that he would be the one doing the work.  If we (he) did the work though we could insulate the van, the setup would be what suited us, the work would be nice and tidy and look good...

He wants different things in the van than I do.  I don't think I need a sink or stove in the van, I could cook outside on one of those little cookers and wash-up in a bucket but he thinks they need to be able to be done inside in case of rain which is a good point but...Isn't that what tinned baked beans are for?
He would need a longer bed than me so if he was going to use the van as well then we need to think about that.  He says I will need a table set up inside...Would I though or would a card table and folding chair be OK?  I want a toilet of some sort inside.  Can this be done in a small van?

If the van was just for me and we used his Cruiser for the 2 of us then it wouldn't need to be 4x4.

How do people decide on things like this?.  Maybe I am over thinking the thing and I just need to buy a basic van, throw a mattress down in the back, add a camping stove and a bag of food, a change of clothes, some water and go somewhere.  Then if things were added in later, bonus, if not then so be it...I wanted minimilistic and that would give it to me.

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