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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Choosing A Camping Vehicle.

Something we will be doing over the next 6 months is researching cars that might be suitable as a camping vehicle.
Do we want something that we can just throw a mattress in for sleeping but doing all cooking outside and this could be a station wagon, a panel van or 4x4 of some sort, old courier van or similar…
Or a properly set up camper van?  Buy one ready to go or buy an empty van and built it ourselves.
Four wheel drive or will 2 wheel drive be OK?
I suppose I need to know what I want to be using this car for before we can make a decision on what will be suitable. 
At the moment we have a Toyota Landcruiser trayback that has a canopy on the back.  We haven’t used this as a camping car yet but will in a couple of weeks.  I am a bit of a sook and have a few concerns with this.
Mozzies.  I hate mozzies buzzing around my ears and biting me so I have a mosquito net that will go over the swag to protect me.
Security.  I will have Hubby there to protect me. 
Height.  I don’t have much but this car does.  My concern is that I will have trouble getting up and down from the tray.  Some days I don’t have the arm strength to pull myself up and over the sides onto the tray.  We will take a ladder to overcome this and hope I don’t slip off it.  Maybe we’ll need a vidio camera, just in case…
So going by these thoughts I know that I want something that is enclosed like a real car because I want to have access to the front seat in case we need a quick getaway.  Yeah I know.  A tad melodramatic but there you go.  Sookylala thoughts.  There may be fewer bugs with this one too.
I need something that is easy to get in and out of.

I need something that I will be able to drive.  This means that it can’t be too big, must have power steering, an automatic would be better than manual. 
I had nearly decided on a 4x4 camper van but wonder if the motor being under the seats would be a hassle.  Would it make the car hot?.  No frontal protection in a prang.   But any camper van would have the same issues and a roo bar  could overcome the prang thing.
I am tight so don’t want to spend a lot of money getting what I want and what we buy will need to be reliable but cheapish to run and maintain.  

A 4x4 camper van, automatic, power steering, fully set-up and ready to go for no more than $5000.  Air con would be a plus but not essential.  That's not asking for too much is it.

More looking, more reading, more saving, more dreaming…

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  1. Love this idea! I think this would be such a fun project. I can't wait to see how your's turns out.

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