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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shower Shelters.

We have a shower shelter that takes a bit of setting up, lots of poles and stuff.  I don't think we have ever used it though as we haven't been on any camping trips that needed it.

We were looking in Totally Wild a few weeks back and they had the flip-out shelters on special.  I have read that though they are easy to set up they were a pain to fold back up and replace in the bag so when Hubby showed an interest in them I asked the salesman to show us how to do it.  It looked easy enough, Hubby had a go and managed with no trouble so he bought 2.  *Apparently* you need one for the shower and one for the toilet.  Who knew.  My minimalistic list is getting longer and longer.  Lucky it's only in my head or I'd be runny out of ink.  But I am also realistic enough to admit that I will be glad of these things when I am using them.

We had another go at setting them up and packing them away again when we were home and though I am short so had a bit of trouble with them Hubby has it down pat so there should be no swearing or tanty throwing come pack up time.

These shelters are OzTrail Ensuite pop-ups and cost us $39 each.  They are light and seem to be quick and easy to set up.  Ditto for him to pack away.  I can't see them taking up too much room in either vehicle.  They come with poles and guy ropes but I don't know if these will be needed every time.

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