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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kokerbin Rock.


 This is the road to here...........

Finally, after years of wanting to see and climb this rock the day came for us to do so.
Kokerbin Rock is the third largest monolith in Australia so I was expecting something absolutely fantastic but I am sad to say that while is is a goal achieved I was a tad disappointed in the area.
The rock itself was an easyish climb even for me, the fat, unfit, iron deficient 52 year old and though there was some huffing and puffing happening it wasn't too bad.  Unless I tried to talk!  Or walk uphill!

There are different areas of interest on and around the rock but we had trouble finding them.  I think.  Maybe we did find them but didn't know it because this is what the signs are like.

                                                    They are just signposts!
      Wave Wall, Dog Rock, Devils Marbles, Caves...I *think* we saw them all...

The paths were blocked and not clearly marked so we could have been following animal paths for all we knew.   *Someone* had tied yellow tape to trees, maybe as trail markers but a lot of the trees had fallen over so the trail suddenly ended and unless you saw the tape further along you wouldn't know if you were going the right way.   We still don't know if it was the right way though.  Maybe someone just marked out a hazardous trail as a joke.  Who knows. 
Even getting to the top of the rock was an unknown adventure as there was no clearly marked track.  Of course there may have been and we completely missed it but then if it was clearly marked wouldn't we have seen it?  HoHum...anyway, I followed Hubby and we made it to the lookout, which looked like it was the highest point so I can say that I did climb this rock.
The views were well worth the climb so please don't let my negative ramblings put you off going.

I would have liked a sign showing the distance around the rock and maybe an average time it takes so walkers would have some idea on if they could make it but if there was one here we didn't see it so we just climbed to the top, walk around for a bit being careful not to get too close to the edge, then climbed down a different way and walk around the rock back to the car. It took us maybe an hour to climb and maybe a bit longer to walk around.  I didn't think that it was that hard and Hubby didn't have to put in any effort at all.

I had read/heard that you were no longer allowed to camp at Kokerbin Rock but there were no signs saying that you couldn't so we did.  There are toilets and taps for cold water at the first camp/picnic area as you get to the rock.  There are other areas as you drive around the rock that have been cleared and have fire rings but no toilets or water.
A lady from Bruce Rock Information centre later confirmed that camping IS allowed in the area. (July 2010)

The turnoff to Kokerbin Rock is on the Bruce Rock-Quairading Road, just west of Kwolyin.  About 45 ks west of Bruce Rock.   After the turnoff that says KR is 9km you come to a T junction that has no sign.  We turned left and eventually found it but I think there could have been better signage.  At the T junction I would have turned right.  It was Hubby's decision to go left.  He has a much better sense of direction than me...lucky for us as we needed it here.

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