Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Expensive Shower.

We have been given a shower unit, one that was no longer needed at
Hubby's work as they have upgraded to an inside shower.

This unit runs on gas and heats the water so you can have long hot showers when camping rough out in the bush.

Hubby likes it, it is what he has been using for the last year or so
when working away, and wants to take it with us when we go away again. 
I kinda think it is big, it will take up more room then the 12volt one that we have, we will have to take a bigger gas bottle...It does run on small gas cylinders but as they are not refillable I wont want to use them.  It is heavier and taking the gas will add a bit more weight to the car.  Not really issues for me though as I wont be driving his car or paying for his fuel so maybe they shouldn't be added into the equation...

As I won't be driving, paying, setting it up or packing it away again I probably shouldn't have any say in it, aye?
But I will have...smiling face here...
But in the end, his car, he drives, he pays so I will allow him the final say, aren't I a nice little wifey.

And I do appreciate the fact that we were given it so the least I can do is give it a fair trial.

Will let you all know my thoughts on it after we have used it in a camp situation.

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