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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Barbecue Liners.

Before we went on our trip to GreenHead we bought ourselves a *Hot Sheet*  This is a thin, plastic like sheet that you use on barbecues for cooking your food on. 
We bought it from BCF in Mandurah for just under $25 and are very impressed with it.  Size - 50cmx40cm.

I had read somewhere that Bunnings also sold them and last week when we were over there we had a look at them.  The *BBQ Hotplate Liner* are thinner than the *Hot Sheet* but the wrapper says suitable for barbecues and as they were only $13 we bought one to line the frypans with to make them nonstick and easy to clean.  Size - 400x500mm.

We will try the thinner one on a barbecue and see if it is just as good as the thicker, dearer one and if it works as well we will buy that sort as it is half the price.

I have a crappy nonstick pan that does stick so I cut a circle of the cheaper stuff to line that and it works brilliantly. Eggs and other food just slides out. 

We are very impressed with this stuff and would recommend it to others.

The bloke at Bunnings told us that the sheets they sell are made from Teflon.  I am just hoping that it is not too toxic!  I know that there are some concerns in using non-stick products but I think used properly this should be OK. Below is a link to a page that tells about the danger and safety of teflon.

I think that most of us would be exposed to more *poisons* than in this sheet every day so for us it is not an issue.

We think that these sheets will save many a family picnic in the park as I know that some public barbies can be real grotty and these sheets will save you having to clean the hot plate before you use it.  I for one do not want to spend time cleaning a hotplat but nor do I want to cook my food on someone elses mess.   I also don't want to cook on *critters* stuff!

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