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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Do You Need To Take?

I am in the process of thinking about what we NEED to take when we go away. 
I don't want to take a lot of stuff that we don't need but as I am not a camper I don't actually know what we will need.  Hubby says we need this or that and I think *why*  I am not sure if the things he suggest are what is needed or if he is taking my sookylalaness in to account so I don't end up disliking the whole camping scene.
So today I am going to be out in the shed and I will pack a box of stuff that I think we will need.
If there is any room left then I might add in a couple of wants.

I think we need to just go somewhere NOW but with the rain and his unknown workdays fixing on a day to leave isn't happening.  I do think though that if I can get things ready to just put in the car and go then we can leave anytime the rain stops and his boss says no work 'til next week.
Trouble with that idea is that when the rain stops he will probably be called to go to work...
Oh well, maybe next week...
Either way I do need to get a list together and get packing.

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