Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Claytons Camping.

The camping you do when you're not really camping.  Cheats camping.
Otherwise know as staying in an on-site caravan at a caravan park.

We have an on-site van with solid annexe out at Myalup Beach and the idea was for me to go out there and stay by myself to see if I was brave enough to handle it.  If I was too scared to stay out there then there is probably no point buying a van.  I stayed for 3 nights and only scared myself a little bit.  Mind you, once it was dark I locked myself in the caravan so not sure how brave you'd call that. 

I planned on using it as a *camper* but I did cheat and used the electricity as it was just too dark at 4.30am when I woke to do anything.  I put the lights on to read a book.  I cheated again when I watched a vidio...or 3.  I did use my little camping stove for coffees and heating the frozen meals I took out there so points to me for that. 

I think I need to go a out by myself a few more times before I advance to the next stage so will head out there again, solo, in a couple of weeks.

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