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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Was Cross.

I was a bit cross with my husband last week.  He *promised* that we would take the Cruiser and go up to GreenHead again for a few nights, on his next break.  Well 2 weeks at home for him and 6 days in a row for me is, to me, his next break.  He even gave me a day when we would leave.  But other stuff had to be done so we didn't go.

So I was cross and disappointed.  Understandably so in my opinion.  So there!!

This is why I need to get a van, though I'm not sure if I would have gone there by myself.  But other places...

He says we will go next break.  Then says that it's now Spring so breaks will be few and far between.

I know...that's why we should have gone last week...GrrrGrrrGrrr.

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