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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Myalup Beach.

Myalup Beach is a lovely little place between Bunbury and Perth, 3 km off the main road.   It has a little shop but not much else so if you are into peaceful walks along a lovely clean, quiet beach this could be the place for you.

We have a caravan on-site at the caravan park there but I will admit it is not as nice as it was a few years back. They now seem to be jamming in as many c'vans as they can so the room we all had before has gone but if we pick our times for going out we can still get the place to ourselves.

I was out there from lunch time Sat  to Tuesday  morning, 3 nights, and maybe saw 6 other people that were also staying at the park.  Holidays though...it can get BUSY.

Depending on which level you stay the walk down to the beach is short and pleasant.  We are up on level 4 so a bit longer walk down but also a longer walk back UP.

The toilet blocks are old and have been known to run out of hot water during busy times but they are kept clean and we have never had any reason to complain about them.

We always used to walk up to the water tower that is out there as it is the highest point but I found on Sunday that the water board had closed it off.   Luckily I spoke to the manager of the park and he informed me that they had built a lookout on their property.  A bit longer walk to get to but the same great views.

Below I am looking back westwardish over the caravan park.  That road that can be seen is the way up to the lookout.  It looks a bit daunting from this shot but it wasn't too bad a walk.
Looking down towards the entrance and office of the park.

Looking Southwest.  There are a few ships out   there, probably heading towards Bunbury. 

Down on that sandhill there is a person with a camera.   Maybe taking photos of the sunset like I was.

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