Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Thought I Did But I Haven't.

I have just been out to put some stuff back in the van...And realized that I haven't cleaned it out from my trip yet. 

I was going to vacuum and wipe it over, shake out and wash the bedding, restock what needed restocking...after I got back because it was so dusty, I thought I had...But no...
Can't do it today because it is raining.  I am not home tomorrow.

Just watch, Hubby will come home and say "Let's take the van and go somewhere" and I will have to pretend that we can but knock him out for a couple of hours while I get it ready.   Not good.


  1. We stay part-time at our camper, and last week when I visited, I was VERY surprised how nasty it was since I didn't wipe it down the week before. However, no knocking out the hubby for me, he is TOO big of a whiner about re-covery:).

  2. Hi Carla.
    Yeah, it's like, clean when we finish, clean before we start...