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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will I be able to do this...

Yesterday, me and Hubby took Wanda up to the dam to check out the camping areas.  I drove, of course, it's my adventure.

First we went to the camping area at *Lake Navarino Forest Resort*  and asked at the office about camping there and the lakeside camping area then I drove all around looking at the place. It was quite busy but lots of empty areas in the unpowered, non grass area. 
To us this place is and always will be "Waroona Dam"

We left the securish camping area and drove around the dam to the lakeside camping area...This  is a long way from the water so no longer "lakeside" I have never seen the dam so low, it looks awful. The camp area here was nice and shady though and there were a couple of longdrop toilets. No water for handwashing in the one that I looked at though.
At the time we were there, around noon, it was quiet, 1 couple were setting up a tent as I was driving out.

Not sure what you would do here...bushwalking would still be good but I don't know about fishing or swimming as there is hardly any water.
It's a nice area in peaceful bush surrounds and when I go I will take my bike and a book.

BUT...the road to the park itself is bitumen, gravel tracks throughout the camping area then out of the park back onto bitumen.  Good decent roads. 
I drove over the dam wall turned onto another good road, looked ahead and started to cry. 
How the bleep am I going to be able to do this by myself. 
I want to but why am I so worried...If I start sooking when Hubby is with me and I am on a decent bitumen road how will I be by myself if the road gets a bit rough.
As it did on our way to this camping area...Instead of sticking to the main road we went down aound the dam itself.  The roads were nothing that I would not take the other car on and because Hubby was with me it seemed lik a good idea to test out Wanda.  I think she needs new shockies. 
But it was an effort not to cry again...We finally got to the camping area and it was lovely but I'm pretty sure I couldn't stay there by myself.  I'd be thinking about *dropbears* and other things that wouldn't happen.

I think I really need to *grow a pair*


  1. Just take one day at a time...you are doing fine! Everytime you go camping with or without your hasband you learn something and your confidence will grow.

  2. I read you!! Love those little caravans you do up.

    Thanks for the comment. Reading how others do it helps a bit and it was easier last night when I *camped out* again.


  3. Hi Barb,

    You are welcome to go camping at my block in Beverley anytime. Being private property might help to give you a bit of security and be a good stepping stone to camping out in the bush. We have also eradicated all the dropbears :p


  4. Thanks Sue, I will take you up on that very generous offer.