Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nearly Sorted.

I "camped" out in the van last night.  Just in the driveway again but still...
It wasn't as scarey as last time.  Maybe it will get easier.

I am practicing here at home to see if I am not too scared to sleep in it by myself and to also work out what else I might need in there..

This morning I'm awake and up at 6:10, and know it's going to be another warm day here.  Over 30 again I think.
I might get a trip away in before the rain gets here...if I pull me finger out and go!

But back to what I was waffling about...

I pulled out the stove and the cooking box...had a think then grabbed a piece of board from the shed (I know, cheating)  and using the back of the van and the stool that goes with me I set up a small table.  It worked good and when it's not being used I will slide it under the mattress.  Too easy.

I realised that I don't have any cooking utensils in the cooking box...so need to raid the camping gear in the shed and see if there is anything spare to pinch.

I need to put in a few eyelets around the bottom of the netting and find and put in a few tent pegs.
I need to put some velcro around the top of the back door and on the netting there to hold the gaps shut.

So just a few things to do today to make it *more better*

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