Elephant Cove, Denmark, Western Australia.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Solo Adventure.

I am back from my first solo trip away and as you can see I survived it fine even with all the worrying  and  sooking that went on beforehand.

My first stay, Friday night, was in a sheep paddock not too far from Beverley and it was because of the generosity of a lovely woman that I can now call myself a *Solo Camper and Explorer.*  Thanks S.  She gave me the use of her property and so my first night was near some trees locked in so no-one could get me.  I know, the thinking was still wrong.
Calling it a sheep paddock is not fair either because even though there were sheep there they were not the focus.  It was a lovely peaceful block and though there was a house near the entrance once onto the block it was like being in a world on your own.  And not very scarey at all.  Really...

I set up camp in the shade of some trees, had a coffee then went exploring.  Back to camp, another coffee and discovered that I had left my book at home.  Sitting on the table with a few other things I wanted to take.  HoHum...

The netting did a great job of keeping most of the flies out.

Saturday morning after a walk down to the river I was wondering what to do with myself and decided to go into town and look around but Beverley is not very big and that didn't take long.  I remembered seeing a sign on my way to here pointing to Boyagin Rock so thought that I'd try and find it again and go there.  The good thing with a van, as opposed to trailer or caravan, is that once you are packed everything is with you and you don't have to go back for anything when you decide to go *off the plan*  So though I planned to stay at S's land 2 nights I didn't need to go back, I could go exploring. 

I have been to BR before, 3 years ago and we came in from the other side (I think)  but even so I still started worrying when the turnoff didn't appear 15 minutes after driving.  It was a lot further than I thought but soon it appeared and I turned where the sign pointed, showing I had 17 km to go.
17 km through the forest and farmlands along a dusty gravel road.  I was quite a way in before I noticed dust coming in the car so wound the windows up and kept going.  I need new seals around the back door.  Or don't travel on gravel roads. 
Even though I knew I had 17 k's to travel and I did look at the speedo at the start I still worried that I'd gone the wrong way when I wasn't there within 15 minutes.  Can you see a pattern here.  I need to be there real soon after starting or I lose confidence in if I'm going the right way.  Finally got to another sign and this road I recognised so hoping no-one was leaving the rock carpark I started in.   This is a narrow windy road with not much room for passing.
I get there and see 2 other camping groups.  I say groups, 1 was a young couple with a tent and the other was an elderly man with a great set-up on the back of a small truck.  He even had a motorbike.

But it's early and there are bound to be others.  After all this is a great spot and it's school holidays...(no-one else came while I was there)

I pick a spot and set up camp then climb the rock before I have a coffee.  

I am not far up the path before I am huffing and puffing and think that I haven't had any iron tablets since I left home.  So, low in iron after 2 days or so unfit still I can't climb theses rocks I want to without getting out of breath and  having pains in my chest?     I need to remember to take my meds and to get fitter.  It's not rocket science!!
I did make it to the top though and took a video of the place but it didn't work out.  I need to learn more about the camera before I want to record stuff.   I don't remember how high this rock is but the view from the top goes a long way.

This morning, Sunday 17th April 2011, I walked up to the top again, hoping to see the sun come up.  I was there while it did but there was quite a bit of cloud so it wasn't the greatest.   
I managed a photo with me as the sun peeked above the horizon.

Me at sunrise on top of Boyagin Rock.
Then back to camp for a coffee.

I spent some time going over the maps I had as I had come the long way to get to Beverley and thought that there would be a shorter way back.  But I am not very good with maps and it took me a while to get the names of the roads I needed written down.  And even then I went wrong.  But that wasn't my fault.  I think.  The road on the map that I wanted looked like it went straight then turned onto such and such road.   But in reality the straight road turned right and changed into gravel and continued a long way, with no signs... So I had to turn off but missed it and I went past quite a way before I turned around and found it.   I thought it was the wrong road and wondered how far does one go before they turn around again and look for the real road, a bitumen road like I was on before.
So I had no idea where I was, what direction I was going or even what direction I needed.  Blind faith, and being unsure when to turn around, got me to the end where I turned onto the road I needed. 
Hubby will come home and look at the map and say, "yeah, that goes here and you turn here"  (yep, told ya)
It doesn't seem to matter how long I think about something and work out what I need to do, or where to go, I'm very rarely right.  
But as this was an adventure I wasn't too worried.  I knew I had to end up somewhere...And this was an adventure...

But home now and I need to do all the stuff that needs to be done after adventuring.
Washing, restocking, cleaning all the dust out of the van...


  1. Yay! Well done to you!

    Sounds (mostly) relaxing and enjoyable, and you should feel very proud of yourself for following through.

  2. Well done - great photos too.

  3. So glad you enjoyed yourself Barb and well done.

  4. Yep, cruisin' along on back country roads with ol' Deano crooning away ...My kind of driving even if I didn't know where I was sometimes.

    Where to next though...