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Monday, April 25, 2011

What Worked, What Didn't.

I've been thinking about my first trip away and what I need to change to make things work better and you know what,  not much needs changing at all.

What Worked:
Very comfortable and plenty big enough as a single.
Between the loo and my *Whiz* there was no need to worry, no matter what the time or where I was.
I had my *wee wipes*, a bottle of Vinegar and cloths for hand and body washing.
Like my nifty carrier?  Made from a 2litre OJ bottle.  keeps everything together and out of the way.
The little propane stove worked good.  It was only used to heat water for coffees and to heat up some frozen meals that I took though.  I have 2 extra propane cylinders in the van but  I was worried about them getting too hot and exploding.  Would they do that?  Anyway, to make myself feel safer I have them in a couple of stubby holders and then in a foam box.  This bit of insulating makes me feel safer.  I have stubby holders around the can of flyspray as well.

What Didn't Work:
ESKY.  This didn't have a handle so no way to hold the lid on tight and it got knocked off a bit the first night away.  Because of that the stuff didn't stay frozen which would have been a problem if I was planning on being away longer than 2 nights.
Hubby has now fixed that for me and all I need to do is check that I have enough *ice bricks* to put in there before I leave.  I didn't have enough this trip bcause I presumed the ones I had in the freezer would still be there.  They weren't.
I had plenty but the esky bottle that held 5 litres leaks.  Luckily I noticed as I was putting it in so didn't take it and put in another bottle but didn't use half what I took.
Took too many, as I always do.  A clean pair of tracky daks to sleep in would have been nice.
The curtains worked well except I wasn't happy with the back window.  The curtain on that worked when I was camped and had it up but it was down when I was driving but if I was just parked in town or a picnic area it left the back window bare and anyone could see straight into the back of the van.  I don't like that so I have bought a sheet of stuff from Auto 1 and will put that up.  I wanted some window tint stuff but they didn't have any but for $10 I am going to give this stuff a try.  Still to put it on though.

Updates to come.

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